Saturday, February 3, 2018

VIPKID, my new gig

Okay, well it's actually not so new.  I just signed my 3rd contract with VIPKID this morning which means I've been with them a year.  It's been a really good fit for me and a natural transition from homeschool teacher to online teacher.

Ready for class just before Christmas in my "home" classroom!
So what is this VIPKID thing?  It's teaching students from China English over your computer.  They are about 12-13 hours ahead of us so when I teach in the morning it is the evening for them.  The lessons are all one on one and the students chose their teachers from information you supply about yourself.  Each lesson is all prepared for you, you just work through it with the student.  It's similar to a Skype type screen.  You have a "chat" box function and you see your student and they see you.  There is also a box which shows their lesson (think power point type thing) which you click through.

After homeschooling my own 4 children I was pretty proficient at phonics so it was a super easy transition.  Think of it like teaching K-2nd grade language arts.  

So the beauty of it for me has been staying home! My last self employment venture had me traveling a lot.  I enjoyed it, but it's good to do something from home.  Some days I don't leave the house and that has been really nice.  In past years I'd be running to the post office a few times a week, which really didn't seem like a big deal, but now that I don't I realize it was a bigger deal than I thought!

The other part I've REALLY enjoyed is not marketing!  For many, many, many years I've done things where in one way or another I've had to network and market myself, my skills, my product and yes, I was pretty good at it.  Again, it wasn't a real big deal I thought....  Blogging, content creation, networking, workshop creation, website management and more really does consume a ton of time!  I am enjoying NOT doing many of these things.  I was surprised at how much I'm enjoying NOT having a strong internet presence.

Are you craving to do something from home?  Be self employed?  Have flexibility?  Being your own boss is great.  I've had several successful businesses which allowed me to stay home with my kids, homeschool and make an income.  I'm grateful.
"me" teaching

If you're interested in checking out VIPKID I'd love to help you.  You do need a four year degree, but it doesn't have to be in Education.  You do need teaching experience, but teaching your own children counts!  (So do co-ops, Sunday school etc.) They are very selective on who they hire, but if you don't check it out you'll never know!  I do get a referral incentive if you sign up with my link so I appreciate you checking it out.  If you have any questions let me know, I'm happy to help!

So, I don't know what the future holds.  Will I go back to driving some of these on line endeavors?  Who knows?  But for now I'm not in a hurry to!  I tend to be pretty driven and maybe it will resurface, but then again maybe not?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

There's nothing like a deadline

I've returned from She Speaks in North Carolina, safe, informed, inspired, and equipped.  It was a great trip but the biggest thing it did for me was make me incredibly productive!

Though I got to hear a lot of great speakers, met a lot of great people, got some incredible feedback from an agent and a marketing agency and gained SO much useful information, what I think will mean the most to my life is that I got a lot accomplished.  I got the ball rolling.

You see, about two weeks before I left I "found out" I was going to get appointments with publishers and/or agents.  There is nothing like a deadline that will get you scurrying to get blog, websites, proposals, brochures and more looking as good as you can make them in two weeks! (Okay, not THIS blog, maybe that will be next week?) I spent probably 8-10 hours a day writing, coding (okay, copying code really), designing, revising, updating and more!  DOING that has never given me such focus and vision for my business(es)....

I think we sometimes need a deadline!  How many times do you think, maybe I should do this.  Or, I should probably do that?  You're not sure what to do?  If you get busy and just DO SOMETHING I believe God will guide you.  I'm still not positive the "exact" direction God has me on, BUT I've prayed he will open and close doors to help me stay on HIS path and I believe he will.

Whatever God is asking you to do, be it with homeschooling, ministry, jobs, parenting etc.  Just get busy and do something! Don't be paralyzed by the indecision.  Pray God will show you and guide you. He is able to open and close doorsDon't be held hostage by the multitude of possibilities.  

If you're a homeschooler, you can think of it like choosing curriculum.  There's so much!  What to do?  At some point you have to pick something and go for it!  You can't let months, or even years go by while you decide what you should teach.  Just study something, start there.  Trust that God will refine and redirect if necessary.

Proverbs 3:6 "Seek his will in all you do,
and he will show you which path to take." NLT

So for some inspiring take a way's from my She Speaks experience, click here for a free printable sheet of quotes I created as a take away.  It's probably the speech and debate coach in me, but I just love quotes!  (And no, the quotes don't take you to a sign up sheet, I know it should, but this blog is so eclectic I'm not sure what you'd want me to email you about in the future!)

And if you're looking for a speaker for your women's or homeschool event, I'm booking for fall and spring.  Check out my newly updated speaker page at  I'd love to connect with you!

p.s. And if you haven't checked out my new BLOG/VLOG, there's no time like the present!  Go to!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Going to She Speaks!

Many times most of us moms get so busy taking care of everything and everyone that we don't get much time for ourselves.  This week I'm taking that time and attending the She Speaks conference in North Carolina.  Can't wait!  

I was talking with my husband yesterday and we were discussing how long it's been since I did something like this for just little old me.  It's been awhile!  I'm pretty sure it's been since before I started representing TLP (which was over 10 years ago),  I think.  The last time I went to any kind of conference was Hearts at Home which sadly no longer exists.  

This women's conference is designed for Christian speakers and writers.  I've been writing, blogging and speaking for years.  These women do websites, blogs, prepare workshops, do marketing and more!  Just like me.  It's been pretty cool already to have a group of people to ask what they recommend for certain techie kind of things.  I have some knowledge, but I'm mostly self taught and you know what they say about "a little knowledge".

So, after years of checking this out only to find out the registration was full or that there was no way I could afford it, I'm finally going!  So those of you reading this may benefit, I just might learn something!  I'm planning on soaking in a lot of wonderful teaching.  I do also have a publisher appointment, as well as one with an agent and marketing people.  You can pray God's favor for me if you would.

And yes, I am writing/wrote a book.  It's "almost" done!  It's amazing how a deadline can make you incredibility productive!  I've gotten so much done in the last two weeks leading up to this conference.

So, if you didn't know, I write and speak You can check out my speaker site at Gina Reynolds.  My topics and schedule are there. I have homeschool and general interest topics.  I'd love to speak to your group.  Check it out!

And, I'm writing and video blogging more.  Check out So DO able for great God centered ideas for women who need their busy lives to be "do able"!  I'm hoping to enjoy connecting with you over there. I have a lot more interactive things planned, as well as some free pdf resources for you!  

If you get a chance to get some time for yourself, jump.  Don't wait 10 years, but do it now if you can.  I'll let you know how it goes....

Monday, July 10, 2017

Have you covered poetry yet?

Poetry is often one of those things that gets overlooked.  Now is a great time to make sure you have all your basis covered and introduce your middle and high school grades (if you haven't already) to the world of poetry!

It's an even better time too, as our FOCUS GUIDE sale will start soon!  Be sure to like my fb page, Gina's Total Language Plus to get the full details and then plan to order from my new site,!  The Total Language Plus focus guide for Out of the Dust is a wonderful, quick and easy way to expose your student to poetry.

Like all the TLP focus guides, it contains approximately 3 weeks worth of work.  (Perfect for August, to get your student into the groove of school again!)  It's laid out in a grid for you just like all the TLP guides.  Step, by step it walks you through what to do on what day.

The book, Out of the Dust is actually written as a series of free verse or blank verse poems, but reads like a story.  As you go through the guide, you will analyze the poems while learning about terminology key to poetry.  These are things like alliteration, meter, prose, consonance, trochee and more. You'll also be challenged to write and share your own poetry!

Out of the Dust is a wonderful story set in the Dust Bowl.  It would make a great addition to your study of the 1930's.  Our story follows Billie Jo and her family as bad things continue to happen to her during this devastating time in American history.  From crop failures, to deaths, to accidents you'll see how Billie Jo and her father learn to cope and even learn to repair their relationship and have hope again.

Yes, you might cry.  I did.  It's so good.  Anytime a book can create enough emotion to make a reader "feel" it that deeply, it's a good book!

Don't need to do poetry?  Check out the many other focus guides.  We've got ones on report writing, the five step writing process, essays and more!  Go to for a complete selection.  And if you've already done this one, your high school might enjoy delving further into the world of Poetry with the TLP American Literature guide on poetry.  Also available on 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer is a great time for focus guides

Over the years I've had many questions about the differences between Total Language Plus Study guides and focus guides.  Finally, I've made a video to explain.  Check it out!
If you've never tried a focus guide, summer is an excellent time to do it!  These 3 week studies are perfect to do over the summer.  Use them one or two days a week over the summer, or 3 days a week for a month, or start in August to get the brain going for school again.

Be sure that you have liked my Facebook page for TLP, Gina's Total Language Plus, as I'll be offering a focus guide special soon.  Stay tuned....

Oh, and my favorites...From the Mixed up Files, Ben and Me, Crispin, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Out of the Dust, Animal Farm and Screwtape Letters

You can read their complete descriptions, as well as order them from!  

Saturday, May 27, 2017