Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Excited to Blog again

Change is never fun.  Most everyone prefers to remain in the comfortable zone where everything is easy and familiar.  Blogging is no exception.  I loved my blog over at homeschool blogger for many years but things changed and I grew less excited about blogging because of it. 

Then having some other things going on and being familiar with making basic websites my goal was to combine my blog and website, it seems to make sense.  I am very happy with the website and what I can do with it but the blogging feature leaves me less excited about blogging again.

My hope is that I have found the solution.  I'm again moving the blogging portion here! The address of this blog is http://ginareynolds.com .  The blog option here with blogger is more in line with what I desire.  With the address of my blog and website (http://ginareynolds.org ) being so similar I'm hoping it will still be easy to remember and I'll have redirects at both sites for those looking for the other platform.  So here's to looking forward to blogging again!

Someday I think I will be able to combine them into one but for now with the money and time I have available this is the best option.  I hope you will enjoy both the blog and the website!


p.s. Green Olive Tree hosting was fabulous in helping me.  I muddled through and thought I really messed it up and they fixed it and none of my work was lost!  So if you're looking for a place to park your name for awhile, check them out!

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