Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally CRISP pickles!

It's finally happened!  I have successfully canned dill pickles that taste good and are crisp.  Actually, I tried two different recipes and both worked!  You see it's been many years since I've even attempted it.  The last batch I did maybe like 5 years ago were very disappointing and rubbery.

We've had success with sweet pickles and dill pickle relish but this is my first success at dill pickles. Lexie, my dill pickle junkie, tried her first one and with an amazed look on her face said, "It tastes like a real dill pickle!"  This girl will eat an entire jar on her own with one meal if I will let her so even if she was the only one who liked them I knew already it was a hit.

After searching many sites I came up with three "tips" mentioned various places that I tried to follow to insure success.  First, is to refrigerate them overnight, second is to water bath for only 5 minutes and third to do them the day you pick them.  The first two tips I followed but the third one not exactly.  I tried to do them the day they were picked and well, some were and some weren't picked that day.

Honestly, I think the processing time has the most to do with it though I can't be sure.

The first recipe we tried I found at e how .  This recipe calls for dill and mustard seed so if you don't have a dill plant it works well (though it gives instructions to adapt to using fresh dill.)  We liked this one.  I thought it was a little too dill but my husband thought not dill enough.  It was, in our opinion, similar in flavor to those from the store.

The second recipe I tried was titled, Just Like Klaussen's  that I found on a blog.  These have garlic gloves, crushed red pepper and dill.  We all liked these too, and they do taste ,"just like Klaussen's".  You can taste the garlic, which if you like that it's a good thing.

We're made several more batches and Lexie wants, more and more and more!  Not sure how many more cucumbers are growing?

So how do your pickles grow?

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