Monday, August 8, 2011

New tool I'm having fun with

What would you say if there was a tool that could help you more efficiently use all the curriculum you have, especially all the downloaded or on disk type curriculum?  What if it could help keep you and your kids organized?  And how about if it even improves the quantity, quality and neatness?

Well I think I have it.  You may have heard of it and I've wanted it or at least thought I might want it for several years now.  It's the pro-click binding tool.  The first I heard of this was on notebookingpages website.  I thought it looked pretty neat but wasn't really sure if we really "needed" it to justify the cost (they run about $70.)

What does it do?  It simply binds the pages you put in it to make a workbook.

Originally I thought it would be neat for "after" my kids finish a story or set of notebooking pages but I'm finding it a really neat way to organize on the front end!

This year I do have several "curriculum's" that I'm using that are on disk.  I printed the pages (or better yet actually had my husband do it) and then bound them using the pro-click binder.  For some reason the kids just seem to do better work when it's in a "book" rather than separate loose papers I print off as we go.  It does take some advance prep but it's SO WORTH IT!  There will be no more "lost" sheets at the end of the year!  Of course they could still lose the "book" completely but that's another problem to address in another entry sometime in the distant future!

It's pretty funny because my friend Heather was over earlier this spring and she had just got one too!  I only wish I had got it sooner.  I remember the end of last year trying to get my kids to "find" all there sheets so we could grade, check off and close out the year (not too important at elementary but once they get to high school it's another story...)

If you use notebook pages in your homeschool this tool would be great.  We've done bird studies, plants, history pages etc... and they would all be great bound in this binder.  Notebookpages is my favorite site and I have many of their sets.  They are having an incredible sale to get them all so if you like this idea be sure to check them out.  I have many examples of the pages scattered in my science and history categories on my old blog.  Click the link at the right to get in on their , "back to school sale".  They also have a page showing step by step how to use the binder with their products.

Hope you'll consider getting more organized with this tool sooner than I did.  Wish we'd done it years ago!

*Please note, I don't get any commissions on pro click binders, I just think it's a great tool.  I do however get a small commission if you purchase any of the notebookpages products through the links here so I appreciate your using the links if you're interested.  Thanks.

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