Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Planning this year

Unbelievably to many of my close friends and surprising even myself,  I haven't even started planning for next year.  Now let me clarify that; I do know what we're using but I don't have it "planned" out.  Typically I try to have all the planning done by the last week of July, though I don't always make that goal.  This year however we're taking a more relaxed approach, at least so far.  Maybe the last week of August I'll freak out but right now I'm really okay with it.

I think part of the reason is that I'm going from four (two in high school) to one very minimal/part time high school and two Jr. Highers, much less pressure in my opinion!  Logan has graduated (though it's still hard to believe!)  Taylor is doing College Plus, so though he's still got like three classes he needs for high school over the next two years he's basically going to be doing his College Plus work pretty independently.  This means I have one more year with the girls before they have to start some of the "harder" high school things.

Planning is great and especially if you have more than two students I think it's vital that you start with your year all planned.  Not that it can't change, but without a plan it's much harder to stay on track.  I've shared many of the forms and ways I schedule and track everything over at my old blog, if you're interested just click on the planning category and take what you can use.  I could not have made it through the last several years without my planning, seriously!

When we first started I was able to be a little more relaxed too.  I often joke that I just took their workbooks, counted the number of pages and divided by the number of days we were doing school.  I then wrote in marker on the front of the book, 2 pages a day, 1 page a week or whatever it would take to get it done.  Really I joke about it but it was in truth what we did.

This year though it probably won't be quite that relaxed I think it will look closer to that then the pages of excel spreadsheets I used last year!

So how is your planning coming?

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