Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Got some canning done!

Tomato Soup

Last week was the first week in a long time that we had some down time so I was able to catch up on some canning.  Still haven’t given the garden the attention it really needs but at least I’ve caught up on picking what’s ready!

Just today I finished up some things with tomatoes.  Over the last week I’ve been able to get some roasted vegetable sauce canned in the pressure cooker, water bath plain old tomatoes, tomato basil sauce, and today we tried my friend Heathers Tomato soup canning recipe.  I’d love to say they were all my tomatoes but this year it was so wet for so many days straight in June that my tomatoes got early blight.  Never had this before but despite my best efforts my crop was greatly reduced.  We’ve had enough for eating and all of the roasted vegetable sauce but the other things I had to rely on Shelton’s at 8.88 a box (bought 3 total.)

Sorry this got blurry but the color is so pretty!
Peach Jam
We did get a little jam in too though we still need to do more.  We did some peach jam and then actually used the pits to make peach pit jelly.  The kids actually liked the peach pit one better!  I had looked at a recipe for it before in the Home Harvest Newsletter I used to get but at the time I didn’t want to take the time to find it so I just made up my own.  Basically I just added water (about 5 cups) to the pits and skins of the peaches and simmered for about ten minutes then strained the liquid only back into the pan.  After that you just add your pectin and following the regular instructions for making jelly, it was simple.  The color is so pretty!

My friend Heather also gave me some plums that we turned into jam too.  They were the small ones my mom refers to as prune plumbs.  We had a tree of them in our yard when I was growing up. 

I’ve still got to do some more raspberry (from berries in the freezer) and might sacrifice a bag of blueberries from my mom for one batch of jam.  Blueberry is Taylor’s favorite and we usually have tons of it but this year my Dad’s field of blueberries didn’t have berries.  Well it had a few but very few so Mom brought me a few quart bags but nothing like we usually have.  Guess I won’t be able to dry any for granola this year either!

It does feel better to have a bunch done.  I was feeling way behind.  There is always more you could do but at least I’ve got a respectable amount put up for the winter!

p.s. I just love looking at all the colorful jars on the shelf, nothing like "pretty" food.  It's much more attractive than cans with labels!

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