Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Art this year

In my last post, “What we’re doing this year”, my daughters pointed out I neglected to mention Art.  We are continuing with the Art we started last year, Artistic Pursuits Junior High 2.  They have really enjoyed this course.  We’re just about done with the soft pastel portion and move on to oil pastels in a lesson or two.

Ariel is not looking forward to moving on to oil pastels as she’s fallen in love with using the chalk soft pastels.  We got her another set for her birthday last year and it remains one of her favorite gifts.  My guess is once she starts using the oils she’ll like those too but she is quite a creature of habit sometimes.

We were introduced to this curriculum last year while receiving it to review for the Old Schoolhouse Crew.  You can read my review from last spring here.

The last few lessons have been working on skin tones and portraits working from a mirror or a picture.  This is one Ariel did working from a picture of her sister.

I will admit adding a subject like art to our schedule is sometimes a bit challenging and it can be the first thing we drop if the week gets too busy.  On the flip side however, the girls really enjoy doing it and it gives them a break from some of the more strenuous subjects.  I never got much chance to do art in school growing up and I’m glad they are getting more instruction then I did.

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