Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last of the garden

This morning was a beautiful fall morning for collecting the last of the garden!  I am not very good at "putting the garden to bed" and certainly did not finish that today though I made a dent!  My main goal was to do what I needed to do before we get a frost.  I accomplished most of that.

As I was taking last cuttings of the herbs, digging up and potting some and picking the rest of anything worth picking.  In amongst the weeds that have taken over in places I discovered a large overlooked zucchini, a pumpkin, and a not quite ripe spaghetti squash.  Besides those things that I didn't know were there I picked the last of the Roma cherry tomatoes and all the rest of the tomatoes green or red.  Figure I'll ripen them in the house or let Ariel make her fried green tomatoes with them.

So here's my garden tip for today; rubber bands!  If you notice all the herbs I harvested for drying I tied in bunches with rubber bands.  It's great if you just want to hang them that way to dry like I usually do with the sage but even if you plan on putting them in the dehydrator it's a great way to get them into the house without getting them all mixed up.  The rubber bands work great too for keeping a bunch of rhubarb in a clump for carrying.

After getting all that done it was such a nice day I took a book and sat in the sun enjoying the day.  Who knows how many more nice days we may get! 

I was able to pot most of the tender herbs.  We'll see if I can make them live in the house.  I've found I'm much better at herbs in the garden.  Next year I want to do even more herbs.  They are so easy and when you pay $3-4 for small containers of fresh herbs at the grocery it makes it so worth it to plant your own.  I highly recommend herbs!

Guess I better get to work drying the herbs and making sauerkraut with the last two cabbages.

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  1. Your produce looks great!

    You are right about rubber bands. I use them all the time for drying anything that I hang upside-down because the bands tighten as the stems dry. I bought some new pots today to try bringing some herbs inside, but I haven't had much luck with them inside either.

    Our weather has been much cooler, but no frost warnings yet.