Monday, October 10, 2011

Beautiful fall day

It was an incredibly beautiful fall day and we are so blessed to live in the woods!  After Lexie, the dog and I took a walk this afternoon we decided to snap some shots.  I try to take "school" pictures each year which sometimes does and sometimes doesn't work out so well.  Here's some possibilities for this year:



The leaves are so pretty right now and unfortunately all it will take is some wind and they'll be gone so you have to take in the sights while you can!  

With it being so nice out it was also a good time to hang out with the chickens as you can see our "chicken lady Ariel" doing.  You might notice how pathetic the Barred Rock looks in the picture, it's molting.  It actually looks a little better than it did a week ago, poor thing!

 Okay, and here's some just for fun that Taylor took, the first is Chris's favorite and the second one I like better!

Hope you are getting some time to enjoy the nice fall weather this week before it's too late!

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