Monday, October 31, 2011

computer time

Seriously I love my new blog and am much more excited about it than last year.  You wouldn't know that by the number of posts and though I have quite good intentions life has changed lately and that means more tied up computers!

Maybe some of you have this problem too?

I'm thinking it comes with the territory of having multiple Jr. high plus aged students?  You'll have to tell me if you agree with that hypothesis?

At any rate it has become a problem over the last few years but this year it's been exasperated even more by having Daddy home too!

You see we often have long waits or non-literal lines for the computer and/or printer.

Now before you think we live in the dark ages and have only one computer on dial up let me assure you we are blessed.  We have between the whole family of 6, one desktop, two laptops, an I-pad and two printers.  Whether or not we are blessed to have ink in said printers varies from week to week!  All computers are on DSL and though we have occasional connection problems (especially lately, UGH!) most of the time we can all access the Internet.

Logan and Taylor most of the time live on their own devices so that helps but at the same time the girls are growing up and using the shared computers more.  Logan has his own laptop so except for printing he does his work on his own.  Taylor has been using his I-pad to do all his learning network (online system) for his College Plus which really does help because he spends hours at a time on it.  That leaves the girls, myself and my husband to share the other two.

That sounds do-able, right?  Well, you would think so, however, it seems not so much.

Both of the girls as they get older have more reports to do and speeches to write.  Ariel also has news feeds on debate subjects she's supposed to check daily as well as actual skype debates to do.  They both now also have email to check and Ariel has talked about wanting facebook like her brother Taylor now has.  All of this is pretty good stuff although Ariel especially does have a tendency to work on her neopets site whenever I'll let her.

Now Chris.  He's home right now and so any work he has he does here.  Basically this amounts to budget stuff for church (he's on the finance committee), Sunday School lessons and notes (he teaches a class), things for his Investment club (though he just gave up Secretary of that so that should end) as well as balancing the checkbook (which he does online.)  But the biggest thing he uses the computer for is playing his games.

As some of you know he has some health challenges and is often in a lot of pain.  He keeps his mind off of his pain sometimes by playing computer games.  Those of you that know me know I'm not big on computer/video games of any type but this is his one outlet in life right now and it seems to distract him from the pain.  He can sometimes read but that becomes difficult to focus on so games it is.

There is some talk of getting a new computer for me and Ariel buying my old one but we'll see if or when that pans out.  For now I'm trying to deal with the frustration of not being able to do as much as I'd like but this too will probably change....

So for now, I got to blog today.  Tomorrow, well, who knows what will happen... maybe, just maybe I'll get two days in a row!

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