Friday, October 7, 2011

Math this year

This year we went in a really different direction for Math and though we so far we like it but I think it's too soon to tell if we're completely pleased.  We chose to go with Math Tudor DVD's.  Taylor my 16 year old, who frankly has the "hard" stuff right now, was the one who liked them and swayed our decision.

We had reviewed a couple in the last two years for the Old Schoolhouse Crew.  I think it appealed to Taylor because it's simple.  The DVD's are just a guy at a chalkboard explaining problems.  The answer keys (on disc.) appealed to me because they show step by step how to work them problem if he does not help (or I need help, helping him.)  Last year we had bought some to help Taylor with his work but found this a little problematic.

To use it as a "help" to the other math your doing didn't really work for us.  It was hard to figure out what section went with what and then you'd watch it only to have it not go as far or where you needed it to go.

This year we decided to give it a go as the curriculum and after we finish if I feel we need more practice we can do more problems from other curriculum's I've already got.  The ones we have and used for my oldest son just don't explain things as in depth but I'm figuring if we feel we need more after completing Math Tudor DVD's we can just pull the sections and hopefully with already having the concept from Math Tudor it will go better.  Honestly my feeling is the DVD's themselves will be enough but it's too soon to tell.

Taylor is doing Algebra II.  He's been going along pretty well but did have a few sections wrong that he's looking back at.  I'm hoping to go over them with him in the next week so we'll test out how good the answer key explanations are pretty quick!

Ariel and Lexie I chose to do together this year on Pre-Algebra.  Ariel really doesn't like math and though she's in 8th grade, basically for 2 years we've been reviewing and trying to get her solid in the concepts before hitting Algebra.  Lexie is probably on par for 6th grade.  I've found that most of 7th and 8th is review so I decided to just try them together.  So far they are both having no problems and mastering all the problems.  It's been pretty easy stuff up to this point so again, we'll see when it gets harder.

So for now the jury is out on this one.  It was time to try it and looks like the best fit for us but time will tell. 

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