Saturday, October 15, 2011

When it rains it pours...

You’ve heard the expression, “when it rains it pours”, or how about the idea that bad things happen in threes.  I don’t know what rings true in your life but around here when life is in a valley one thing or area going wrong doesn’t happen in isolation.
I’ve often wondered if it’s really that more bad things happen or just because one area of life is so extremely stressed that every little thing is magnified.  Or could it be that Satan uses it as an opportunity and you’ve got a bit of a Job situation on your hands.  Whatever the case may be it sure does get frustrating and I honestly grow weary of it.
As I often dislike listen theoretical discourse without some practical to wrap my mind around let me shed a little light.  Here’s what’s going on here:
Major medical issues causing loss of work and income, so then….
Medical bills getting filed inefficiently (all out of our control) costing us more money, so then….
Cars having mechanical issues, so then….
Drying literally filling with smoke, so then…..
and on it can go.
We’ve had several times in our life where medical issues, job loss etc… has caused very stressful situations and each and every time I can recall just about everything we own that could wear out or break doing so at the same time.  Okay, that could be a bit exaggerated to say “everything” that could break or wear out doing so but it sure can seem that way.
I don’t know the whys of these times but I do know what we can choose to do.  We can look for things to give praise for.  Now I know sometimes they can seem little but it helps to keep that perspective.  We are indeed blessed and we take many things for granted.  So for right now I chose to give thanks for:
A bag of clothes given to us the girls can wear and they liked them!
Saved $17.60 using coupons yesterday and got several things on clearance I didn’t expect to for low prices!
My Dad is fixing the dryer!
My Dad also worked with Logan to fix his car!
We have great family, friends and church family who pray for us and support us!
Sure maybe those things seem small but sometimes when everything is going well we take those “small” things that really aren’t so small for granted.
So what can you find today to be thankful for, there is something, you’ve just got to look for it!

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  1. My friend that knows when a great time to call is. Even with distance between us, time does not change our friendship. Thank you! I'm praying for you and that God will give you amazing peace! Love ya.