Monday, November 21, 2011

End of co-op session

Mega memory Match!

Dragon at the bottom of the lake
We just finished up our first session for our co-op.  The last two weeks in our Language Arts classes we got to do some “fun” projects.  In our Lion, Witch and Wardrobe class we acted out several scenes from the book and had a massive memory match game with our spelling cards from the whole study guide.  For the Hobbit we drew some of the pictures and shared riddles the students either created or found in books and on-line.

Flower fireworks

Drgaon at the bottom of the lake

the trees
I love to expose the students to the "fun" side of literature.  Of course we need to learn our spelling, vocabulary, and do lots of writing but it's fun to do some "fun" things as well.  One of the students in my Hobbit class actually created a Jeopardy game with our vocaublary words for the rest of the class.  It was a favorite and students are volunteering already to create on for High King next semester!

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