Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New learning to read product

At conventions I'm often asked what to use for those K-2nd graders.  This is the product line I recommend; All About Spelling.  It's the best thing out there for Phonics and Spelling hands down and sets up students well for success with Total Language Plus starting in the 3rd grade.

All About Spelling has come out with a new "learn to read" portion which looks fabulous for those younger grades as well and it's on sale!  All About Reading Level 1 products are 10% off through December 6, plus all Level 1 orders will receive a fun Taste of Outer Space product for FREE!

If you have never checked out the All About Spelling style of learning I encourage you to click the links above and do so.  It has worked wonders for my youngest with those "everyday" words that she still had trouble spelling and even really helped her with the phonics part that she struggled with.

Some kids just get this stuff, but for the ones that need help handing them a phonics book just doesn't work.  This does!

Now with your new readers you can start first with the program that uses a multi sensory approach to get them started right.  The beauty of this is that the system is set up the same so once you learn it either for this new reading program or if you've already used the spelling/phonics portions it will be easy to go from one to the next.

This program isn't the cheapest but it does work the best.  Right now you can get 10% off the set so take advantage of the savings.  Most of the components can be used again for your next child who is ready for that level (love that!)

To read reviews I've done in the past for the Spelling portion here. (Having trouble getting this link to take so here it is to cut and paste http://homeschoolblogger.com/tlpgina/749404/ .)

I'd love to say I make money promoting this but so far I haven't.  I do love it or I wouldn't promote it.  The links in my blog do take you to an affiliate site where I could make money so I do want to let you know that but I promoted it long before I signed up for their affiliate program.

Last year at the Midwest convention I was with two friends before our Total Language Plus booth opened and they both bought sets and I thought wow I should try to make the most of this great product.  So I do appreciate you checking this out!

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