Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

For the second year now we’ve loaded semi-trucks with our homeschool group for the Operation Shoebox project.  On Sunday we processed 9812 individual shoe boxes for children around the world.  I know we filled over one semi and 350 cartons fit in one semi each holding up to 23 individual shoeboxes!  It’s really amazing to be part of such a huge project.
The girls mostly helped inside the building packages the wrapped/packed boxes into larger boxes which then get loaded into semi-trucks.  The boys were loading and stacking these five high into the semis.  Me, well I did carry a few boxes, took some pictures and mostly at the end I got to be the “light of the truck.” 
It got dark and you really wouldn’t believe how dark it is inside the box of a semi.  We had a small flashlight I held up so that people wouldn’t hit each other coming and going with the dolly’s loaded with boxes.  Someone said, “So you’re the light of the world.”  I replied, “No, just the light of the truck!” 
We prayed for the children that will eventually receive this and maybe someday in Heaven we’ll get to see the impact!

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