Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Passport to Purity

At the end of last week Lexie and I were able to get away overnight to do her Passport to Purity trip.  We did Ariels trip after she was twelve but I wanted to do Lexie's a little sooner so we aimed for her 12th birthday which won't be till December but since my schedule is less busy in the fall we got it in a little early.

Lex doing one of the object lessons
Passport to Purity is a great way to start talking about those things that you need to with our 11-13 year olds.  It's not just for girls, though we have chose to use it with ours and done something different for our boys.  Ironically, a family we are great friends with was also doing a trip for their son the same week.  Passport to Purity is put out by Family Life and with small changes fits into our courtship perspective well.  Lexie did cross out the words "dating" in her book and wrote in courtship.

The program is taped messages you listen to together and fill in a workbook and then do object lessons to go with the messages.  There are questions for you to ask each other and just a lot of time to start talking about some of those grown up things you need to talk about.  It's recommending you make it special by going away overnight and doing something fun together.

We chose to go to Frankenmuth and had to have a hotel with an indoor pool since Lexie loves to swim.  She had a great time and loved every minute of it! 

Lex and I at Bronners
For our "special" activity of course we had to go shopping.  We did shopping in the town of Frankenmuth, Birch Run outlets and of course Bronners Christmas store.  She wanted to have her picture taken with just about every Christmas figurine there!

If you've never checked out Passport to Purity for your 11-13 yr olds I highly recommend you not only check it out but make time to do it! 

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