Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas projects

Is it too late to still get some gifts made for Christmas presents?  I sure hope not.  I've got some made but am still working on more....

In past years I've done Christmas blog hops which has been a lot of fun and I thought of it this year but decided with my schedule lately I better pass.  However, just because the ideas were not from "this year" doesn't mean they aren't good so in the coming weeks I'll be sharing some of my projects ideas for Christmas from "blogs past". 

First one that is quick and easy and takes little to no skill is stone Coasters.  Kids probably 7-8 or older can probably even do this one.  Enjoy!

Super easy "sandstone" Coasters to make

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Looking for something quick and easy for some last minute gifts? You may need to run to the tile store but you probably have the other things you need or have a friend you could borrow them from.

You need the tiles from the tile store. Our tile store refers to them as tumbled, they are also available at a Lowes type stores too. You want to make sure you have a tile that doesn't have a glaze finish.  
We did these 3 or 4 years ago for gifts and at that time I think I got the tiles for .78 cents each.
Use an outline type stamp (we like the clear acrylic type from Close to My heart best) with either black or brown ink. Stamp your image unto your tile. We've done outdoor scenes like pine trees and deer as well as medallions and Christmas images.

Next take a blender or water pen (shown in the picture), if you don't have one of these you can use a damp fine paint brush but you will have to dampen, blot and re-ink more often, and color. The pens also give you a bit more control. To color I squeeze my ink pad (whatever color you chose) to get the ink on the lid and then dip my pen from there. Once you have it colored let it dry and spray with a spray sealer. If you don't already have some they are in the paint aisle in spray cans for about $1-2.
To finish you can put the felt dots on the bottom of your coaster if you want. Tie up four together with twine for a cute and probably less than $5 gift that pretty much anyone can use. We still use ours I did 3-4 years ago. I will say that after a year or two you may want to re-spray the sealer again.

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