Friday, December 23, 2011

Cookie making

This year the only one that was real excited about helping with cookies was Lexie.  She had a friend over and we did quite a few.  The rest of the family wanted to apply for the position of "cookie tester".  We informed them we didn't have any such position available!
Lexie's friend Addy liked that we don't put eggs in any of our cookies (we use egg re placer) so she could eat the dough.  Both girls ate lots of scraps of sugar cookie dough.  Chris and Logan both like it because without the animal protein they can eat all the kinds we made today.

I do plan to make a couple kinds for gift giving that I'll put the eggs and butter in but for home we made them all so that the whole family could enjoy them.

Lexie, by the way, wore her apron she made for fair this summer for the first time.  She managed to get quite a bit of chocolate on it!  Hopefully it will come out, the apron is so cute.

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