Friday, December 9, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Loved waking up to this scene out my front window this morning!  The house is quiet (no one's up yet), I'm sipping coffee, watching the snow fall and enjoying the pellet stove.  Great start to a great day at home with my family. 

They have been missing me and I've been missing them as I've been working out of the house several days a week over the last few weeks.  This has been a big change for us.  When I was filling out forms with dates of employment we figured out I have not been "employed" by someone else in 18 years.  My husband actually was thrilled to say that.  He is very insistent on me not working if I don't want to.  We both want to keep our home and the kids the priority for me rather than work.

With that said, I have always "worked" while I homeschooled, just not for someone else.  In the beginning of our homeschool journey I managed a very successful team of Tupperware consultants.  This was probably the most "full" time I worked while homeschooling at least until recently. 

After that I did Close to My Heart stamping and scrapbooking for a short time.  This was very part time and though I still keep my consultant status I certainly don't consider this a part time income at all anymore.

Now my main business is representing a homeschool curriculum company called Total Language Plus. This is a great fit for our whole family.  The kids are able to come with me to the conventions I attend and help in the booth.  It's great experience for them and since they use the curriculum parents often prefer to ask them questions about the product.  In the off season (after conventions) we process orders and manage stock at home.

Home businesses can be a great fit with homeschooling.  With the things I've done we've been able to have the flexible schedule we need and fit things in and around our homeschool.

Our needs have changed a bit since my husband has been off on disability since early September.  We're hoping he'll be able to get back to work soon but until then I'm glad to be able to help out a little more with the income.  

As I thought of what I could do that would still be flexible, I might enjoy and I'd be good at, one thing came to mind, Substitute Teaching.  It has been quite an adventure as I've taught everything from Kindergarten to 11th grade!  Each day you never know what you're going to get and some days are easier than others.  Sometimes I even feel like I'm actually getting to help the kids, other times not so much. 

But today I get to teach my favorite kids of all, mine!  So I better end this now as we have things to do....

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