Sunday, December 18, 2011

Twas the night before Christmas

 Okay, it's not Christmas Eve yet (though I can't believe how close it is) but this is my all time favorite Christmas post ever.  This was originally posted in December of 2008 on my old blog and is completely true.  Hope you'll get a laugh and a smile reading it as I do.  This is just how plans go sometimes . . . Merry Christmas 2011!

Christmas Eve did not start out as a day of peace and joy to usher in our festive day so here is my attempt to give you a little laugh.  You either have to laugh or cry right?  Let’s chose laughter.

We had a pleasant morning.  I started by making the cheese cake for dinner after church.  That done and in the fridge I cut out Ariel’s nightgown from material she’d picked out on the 23rd.  I had finished Lexie’s the night before and luckily I made no sewing mistakes so in about an hour had that done.  Now, to just tidy up the house before my husband came home at one, oh, and I better pull food from the freezer.

I looked in my well stocked freezer and chose ham and potato soup for lunch on Christmas Eve, Chuck roast for dinner, Sausage balls and Egg Sonata for Christmas morning.  So far everything is going well.  I put the freezer bag with the soup in the microwave to defrost, the roast in the crock pot and added a few potato’s (it’s froze with the onion and carrots already), and left the breakfast items on the table to thaw a little before thawing the rest of the way in the fridge.

Now in tidying up I noticed I forgot to make the clock for my Mom and Dad, no big deal I can do that real quick.  I just pulled out my supplies to the school table, chose some pictures and embellishments, stamped some numbers and had it done.  Next, I wrapped in up real quick and then I was just starting to pick up my mess when Chris came home from work….

So far we’ve got…

Twas the morning before Christmas and all through the home
much was accomplished before we had to roam
The presents were all wrapped and made with much care
in hopes that they please everyone there

The children were bouncing and excited that day
They couldn’t wait to open gifts so they could play

And mama was pleased her pantry was full
just choosing the meals made her heart glow

When at the door came a bustling in
a wonderful husband who had worked without end,

Okay, so here our story resumes…

Apparently he’d been home for awhile but in the melting mush of our driveway he’d been stuck.  The boys got coats and boots to go help dig him out.  While they were doing that he put on the kitchen table gifts and goodies he’d received from friends at work.  While in the kitchen I figured I better get the soup to cooking .  I had transferred it from the freezer bag to a large microwavable bowl a short time ago while continuing to defrost.  But upon looking at the microwave something was amiss. 

The time on the microwave was out and the light on my under the cabinet tv/radio underneath the microwave shelf was not glowing either.  As I started to move all the Tupperware containers of cookies I had stacked under I found liquid, lots of liquid.  It was all over the containers, dripping from the TV and dripping from the shelf.  The bottom of the cookbooks which live next to the microwave on the shelf were wet too.  It must be coming from the microwave yet when I open the door I see no liquid until I lift the dry glass plate.  It’s FULL of liquid! 

I still have no idea how it happened?  Must have been a leak in the bag, but how it got only under the glass plate I have no idea!  A fluke event if there ever was one!

So at this point while I’m cleaning up the mess, removing the microwave from the shelf, trying to dry the TV, which I can’t get unmounted, Chris goes outside to work on getting the car unstuck.

So far the outlet’s are not working, the microwave’s not working and the TV’s not working.  Guess we should have asked for a microwave for Christmas!  We still have to have lunch so I now take out a pan and put the still partially frozen soup in a pan on the stove on low.

First, I unplug the damaged stuff and trip the breaker.  Outlets are now working, yeah!  Oh, and yes the crock pot with our roast for dinner was plugged in there too but it was not all the way cold so dinner’s still okay!  Try the TV, yes, it now seems to be working too!  Thank you Lord!  Now the microwave, nope, trips the outlet again, ugh. 

At this point I figure maybe I better go check on the boys and see if they need me to drive while they push.  I thought by this time they’d have made some progress.

I do try and drive.  We make it a couple feet and get stuck again.  The slush is so thick and they’ve shoveled some but this is going to take hours.  After a couple tries Daddy goes in the house.  The boys and I continue working.

He comes back out after a bit.  What were you cooking he asks?  The house smelled all smoky the minute he walked in, oh, no the soup!  The girls were in the house they did stir it once but didn’t know they were supposed to keep stirring it.  I hadn’t planed on being out that long and totally forgot!  Great, Christmas Eve lunch is now ruined and no microwave to defrost anything else fast!

Well we got the car up the driveway (we have a long driveway) and we did eat the soup anyway.  Because it wasn’t stirred most of the scorch was on the bottom.  It was just slightly smoky.  I told the girls some people buy smoke flavoring, we got ours free!  The bread from the bread maker was still good.  So the only long term damage was the microwave, it’s still out.

I’m happy to report the rest of the day went better we made it to and from church Christmas Eve safely.  The roast and cheesecake were great for dinner and driving to mom’s on Christmas day went well too!  I had pulled the breakfast things for Christmas in plenty of time so we didn’t even need the microwave to defrost.  Now I do have to admit we did miss the microwave this morning for reheating the Christmas morning leftovers for today!

So the rest of the story…

At his side I came for a kiss
only to find out something was amiss

The window showed the old mini-van
stuck in the driveway, which was not in the plan

With the mush and the slush I knew in an instance,
it would require pushing of some great distance,
so more rapid than phoning I called them by name

Now Logan, Now Taylor, go help your Dad!
You better go quick before he gets mad!

So out to the driveway they flew like a flash,
(okay, maybe flew is not really what happened!)
They went to work shoveling without a clash.

And then, in a twinkling, a cry from the door
Something was burning, our soup was no more
As I went in the house the smell greeted my nose
I must light some candles to make the smell rose

How the dead microwave twinkled, how the TV looked Merry
How the cookies were saved even the chocolate cherry

Our mouths ate the soup as white as the snow
and later untied all the bows

We sprang to our mini van now freed and gave a cheer
and we all proclaimed Christmas is here 

As we went to bed that night we exclaimed,
“Happy Christmas to all and to all a good-night!”

p.s. A little side note here from 2011, the TV did end up being termial and I still miss it!

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