Friday, January 27, 2012

Finished "Who is God"

This year we are taking a break from our usual very thorough coverage of what I guess I'd call integrated history to delve into Worldview a bit more thoroughly.  We chose the almost brand new curriculum by Apologia, Who is God? And can I really know him?  Ariel my oldest daughter is at the top age for this curriculum with Lex only 2 years behind so I wanted to go through it quickly.  We did this volume in one semester.

It covers all your basic like trinity, omnipotence, omnipresent, purpose, worship etc...  Sometimes my girls thought is was boring and like they "knew it all" (this was especially from my oldest.)  To a large extent she was right.  They did already know much of it but I wanted to fill in those "gaps" and we did find a few.  Part of the problem is they go through church, Sunday school, Awana and VBS programs and hit or miss things.  I wanted them to have it all in a package and fill in anything misunderstood or missing.  It worked for that.

This semester we have moved on to the second book which I actually considered skipping right to in the first place as I knew the first would be somewhat review.  The second book, Who am I? And What Am I Doing Here? deals far more with issues that are newer and more pertinent to where they are right now.  The cover of this one says, "Biblical Worldview of Self-Image." 

Yesterday the lesson started talking about talents and purpose.  It expanded on the concept that each person has talents to glorify God and that their is a purpose for each person uniquely.  At their ages 12 and 13 (almost 14) they are really trying to figure out what they are good at and what they are supposed to do and be.  I think this will be a timely study for us.

Though I will say I was very impressed with the layout and flow of the book, the notebook you can purchase separately was disappointing.  With the first book we chose to purchase their notebook.  It has preprinted pages for the writing they are supposed to do as well as some added lapbook style books in the back to cut out and use with the appropriate lesson.  Often the questions in the notebook don't match the ones in the back and/or they were not in the same order.  The book doesn't tell you which note page to do with what and it was confusing.  For the second book we are doing our own thing.

In their own spiral bound notebooks they are writing out their definitions to the "words you know" sections, answering the "take a note" of it questions and writing out the "hide it it your heart" verses.  I think this will work much better for us and certainly be less confusing.

These are excellent books that will serve you well to give your 3rd-8th graders a nice grounding and start in Worldview.  Hope you check them out.  Oh, and I will be selling the 1st book since I'm out of kids to use it with now so let me know if you're interested in a "used" book price!  It's pretty much still mint condition.

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