Monday, February 20, 2012

Convention season is almost here!

It seems to come around so quickly but already convention season is almost upon us!  The first convention I'll be at this year is in Farmington Hills on March 17th.  Hoping this year I'll get to see lots of my favorite friends and customers at the various conventions.  Here's when and where I'll be this year.  Be sure to stop by the Total Language Plus booth and say hi!
Mar17 2012 Farmington Hills HomeSchooling Works
Mar 30-31 2012 Indianapolis IAHE
Apr 19-21 2012 Cincinnati MIDWEST
May 11-12 2012 Lansing INCH
May 19 2012 Ft. Wayne FWAHS
Jun 7-9 2012 Naperville ICHE
Jun 15-16 2012 Lansing MCHE
Jun 20-23 2012 Akron CHEO
Each year I offer a convention special and this year I’d like your input!  Keep in mind I do still have to make money and be able to cover my expenses but I want to offer a great incentive for purchases at conventions.  What type of offers do you like?  Do you value a nice free bag?  Do you like % off or dollar amount free with certain purchases?  Let me know your thoughts either as comments here or comments on facebook.