Friday, March 9, 2012

Eucalyptus and Sage

Growing up I had allergies that at least during high school always seemed to hit the first week of school and I was miserable.  Over the years I have somewhat outgrown this but I still do have a tendency to have some sinus and congestion issues.  If I don’t make diligent efforts to keep the mucus at bay I end up with trips to the doctor.

Garden Sage
Over the last year I’ve been using Eucalyptus and Sage in a steam that really seems to open up my breathing and help keep me clear.  Ariel, my daughter who out grew asthma had also tried it and noticed it helps although I can’t seem to get her to do it as often as I’d like.  It’s so easy and really only takes a few minutes to do.

To prepare the steam all I do is put 2-3 cups of water in a pan on the stove and add a heaping teaspoon of crushed sage and eucalyptus leaves.  Bring your water to a boil and then remove the pan from the heat.  Place a towel over your head to “tent” the steam in and lean over the bowl and try to breathe it in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Be careful at first as it is hot, you may need to wait a minute or two.  I try to breathe it in and hold it in for a few second before blowing it out.  Most of the time I only do this in the morning but if I’m bad I’ll do it morning and night.  Usually 3-4 days of doing this and I’m good.

Another herb that is great for getting rid of mucus is Mullein.  Now I haven’t been putting that in my steam, though I could, but I did put it in some “cough” tea I made the other day.  

I do grow the sage and have the Mullein wild on our property but I order the Eucalyptus from Bulk Herb.  The sage is incredibly easy to grow.  I can harvest way more than I need both for medicinal and culinary use from just 2-3 plants.  

As I have mentioned before I like to use as much as I can from what I can grow.  It’s much more economical and I know where it came from!  

Being a homeschooler I, of course, keep an herb notebook.  One of my favorite sites for information is MedicinalHerb Info.  Here they list each herb and the uses, history, doses, precautions etc…  For instance for their entry on Mullein they say, “For difficult breathing, asthma, glandular swelling, and hay fever…Tea makes good remedy for cough, hoarseness, bronchitis, sinusitis, tuberculosis, bronchial catarrh, mumps and whopping cough.”  The entry goes on and gives you much more but you get the idea.

Herbs can be great but I encourage you to learn as much as you can and start your own notebook!  God gave us great plants to use but we need to educate ourselves and use them wisely!

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