Monday, March 26, 2012

Going back to Mystery of History next year

With convention season here it always has me looking to next year and what we need to do.  One of the great things is the longer you homeschool the less expensive it becomes!  Well, of course that assumes you made good choices in your previous years which fortunately we did for the most part.

This was Lexie's post exile lapbook from our first time around MOH I
Looking over the history curriculum we've done I was thinking either Truthquest or going back to Mystery of History to start our chronological tour over.  Quite honestly I was leaning towards Truthquest, Ariel on the other hand requested Mystery of History.

In Truthquest I love the commentary she gives on God's hand in the world events and how and what the church is doing.  I also love that there is a bit more freedom to guide the lessons and lots more opportunity for reading great books.  We used Truthquest for 2 years in conjunction with All American and feel into a really nice rhythm of assignments.  Each month my kids each did one Biography, one event and one essay answer.  It just made it simple and school flowed well.  I was thinking of doing it this time without All American for the ancient early history which would allow us to do more reading of our choosing, maybe 3-4 read alouds a month plus the individual work mentioned above.  See, I'm still excited about it but unfortunately my daughter is not. Not to say that I don't love Mystery of History too, we've just done Truthquest more recently and I really did like the "flow" we'd developed.

Ariel liked with Mystery of History that it is all there for you.  Not really sure how I raised a kid like this as I lean toward the do it yourself approach but at any rate she likes the lessons set.  Now I do have to add that Mystery of History is much more flexible than many and I would not call it a "textbook" approach at all.  We've done very few true "textbook" type curriculum's over the years.

She may be thinking that it will be easier but I'm not sure that will be the case.  When we did it before she was much younger, like probably 2nd-4th grade?  She remembers a lot of fun projects which we'll still have some of but with the high school level I do add in a lot of first source reading.  When we did it her oldest brother was entering the high school years and he read Josephus, The Iliad, Epic of Gilgamesh, Julius Cesar and others right along with Mystery of History.  We found this prepared him very well.  (Most of these were suggestions/recommendations in the guide.)

One of the other reasons I decided to go back to the Ancients and do chronological over is that she's very interested in Egypt right now and we all know half the battle is getting the students interest engaged.  It was my original plan to start over in time again but I had briefly contemplated starting with Vietnam forward this year and then going back.  I just felt like some of the more modern history has a big impact and when we ended our 4 year trek through history 2 years ago we didn't really have time to cover that as well.  We kind of fizzled out.

If MOH IV was ready I might have leaned stronger in that direction.  Linda Hobar is done writing it but it's in proofing and stuff, not quite ready for publication.  The last I checked she said it for sure would not be ready for fall.  If it could be ready by December I could still entertain that though as we're planning a Government unit study through the election so we won't start till mid-late November anyway on History.  But I digress...

So I need to go search my files, get out my plans from last time, see what we're going to do the same or different and get started.  The beauty of it is, I already have most of what I need since we did it before!  I do know I want to add the new Holy Land tapes by Drive Through History.  They are a lot of fun.  We had some we added in last time but the Holy Land ones are brand new.  Best price I saw so far on them is $14.99 each through CBD.

If you too are on a MOH adventure next year be sure to pop over the my old blog and check the History/Mystery of History category because as we went though books 1-3 the first time I posted lots of stuff and I'm sure I will again so be sure to follow my blog!

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