Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pallet compost bin

Well this project has been years in the making and probably only took less than ½ an hour once we finally got around to it!  With all the nice weather lately it made it easy to get some yard projects done and this was one of them.  My wonderful husband with a little lifting and holding help did this with the boys.

I’m not sure where I first saw or read about the idea because I believe it’s been mentioned in more than one book but we made a pallet compost bin, actually a double one.  All you do is gather 3 for a single or 5 for a double like I did and put them together.  You can put a metal fence post in each corner (like in between the rungs of the pallet) but so far we’ve just used a few long screws to hold it together.  

We haven’t bought fencing yet and we need to for the new garden area so we will probably add the post just for stability.  Once it gets full I’m sure the compost material will put more pressure on the long screws.

Up until now we have piled our “shed” cleanings to the right of the shed beneath some pin trees.  The pile consists mostly of soiled wood shreds we use as bedding for our chicken and of course their droppings mixed in.  When I can remember, or get a child to take out, kitchen scraps and coffee grounds they make it there too.

When it comes time in the spring to “refill” our garden boxes I did from there and get a pretty good quality of composted “dirt”.  It has worms in every shovelful which is a good sign.  Because it’s under the trees however we get a lot of twigs and since my children aren’t always consistent on which site they put the freshest pile I sometimes get a few shovels that are hotter than I like; hotter, meaning still too much like the original product that came out of the chicken!  So now with these pallet bins I can have more control.

I’m looking forward to some great twig free compost!

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