Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome Farmington Hills customers!

Ariel at the booth in Farminton
We made it through our first convention (well this one is actually called a book fair) and though our feet were tired it was a rewarding day!  Homeschool Works is one of my favorite one day events we go to.  If anyone out there is looking for advice on how to put on a great event talk to the people at Homeschool Works, they consistently do an excellent job.

One of the reasons I think they are so blessed there is that they give back.  From the proceeds they give out "fair bucks" which are basically dollars that homeschoolers with needs can qualify for and spend on curriculum.  I had several families this year that were blessed with a portion of their curriculum free because of this program.  What a blessing.

My oldest son Logan and my oldest daughter Ariel were with me this time and did an excellent job talking to customers and explaining our curriculum.  I was able to do a workshop and connect with many new and old friends and customers.

I always find it funny how ministry happens at these things.  This year I talked to several woman who had husbands with health challenges.  For those of you that don't know my husband also had challenges this year and was off work for 6 months and only just recently went back to work part time.  It's no accident who God places in your path!

At any rate for those of you just finding my blog from the book fair scroll down a bit and you'll see the recent review I did on Crispin.  That was the one in the workshop I mentioned was such a great book!  Also be sure to check out my old blog address and the TLP category there.  I know I have several resources to go with Bronze Bow, Julie of the Wolves, Courage of Sarah Noble and much more there.

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