Monday, April 30, 2012

Christian Kids Study Biology

Making our choices for next year we discovered that Lexie would rather take French than Forensic Science at our co-op which means she needs a different science since they are offered the same hour.  The Forensic we're doing at co-op is geared for 7-12 and she would be on the low end of that so I'm okay with her choosing something else.  I gave her a choice of the 3 Christian Kids Study series that were on the shelf, since it had been at least 3 years since she'd done any of them.

She chose Christian Kids Study Biology and actually that was the very first one we did so it's probably been 5 years ago we did it, which would put Lexie in about 2nd grade before.  This time she'll be doing it at a higher level and doing the things the boys did the first time around.  We could have chosen to go with a totally different curriculum but decided to stay with the Christian Kids series.

Several factors made it a good choice to stay.  One, cost, we own it so there you go.  Also, we love it and are already familiar with how it's laid out.  Lastly, I feel it prepared my other children very well for high school science so why change.  Actually, looking at it again, I think it's my favorite of the series (with Earth and Space probably second) and had forgotten about a few of the differences in this one.

Some of the different things I hadn't noticed "missing" but I appreciate them again.  Biology has "observation" forms to fill out and more activities/lab type things.  It often offers an older and younger activity where Physics that we just finished was more did not.  The tests in this one are more creative too.  They are more fill in answers instead of lots of multiple choice and they give like 5,000 pts per answer just to make it fun.  We don't always use these (at least like a test) but I'd forgotten they were a little more inventive in this one.   Besides strictly "lab" type activities there are more suggestions like research a type of whale or a system of the body.

Lexie will have fun in this one covering things like plants, leaves, birds, monotremes, marsupials,  monkey, aquatic mammals, crocodiles and more!  She gets to investigate an owl pellet and make an edible cell model with jello.  I think she'll have fun "owning" this one herself.

If you're looking for a science for 2-6th or even to 8th grade (couple of the other ones are suggested for up to 8th), check it out.  It has less "verbiage" per lesson than the newer Apologia series which my daughter appreciates.  We have found in the past these adapt well to more study if you chose to.  We've added lapbooks, reports, library books etc... on the subject.  Some of these ideas to "add in" are given and some I just do.  This one does have a pretty extensive resource list in the back if you are interested in adding more resources.

In fact last time we did this one Taylor ended up turning his own pellet part into his exhibit for our annual science fair at our support group!  He went way beyond what was in the book and researched many types of owls and displayed his findings along with his reconstructed skeleton from the owl pellet.

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