Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cilantro Surprise

re-seeded cilantro
Sunday I got to work a bit in the garden.  I've been busy trying to establish my paths.  While doing this I of course check on the progress of planted seeds.  I'd been watching this particular square since I had planted some lettuce a week or so ago.  Some plants had been coming up but I wasn't sure yet what they were. There were too many of them to be weeds yet they didn't look like lettuce, although I had planted several types mixed so I wasn't sure.  Figured out they were cilantro!

cilantro plant
Last year early in the season I had a cilantro plant I had bought.  I harvested a few times but despite my efforts it bolted quickly.  At the time I can't remember if I knew they turned to Coriander seeds or that they re-seeded or not.  I do know that now, but either I didn't last spring or decided I wanted the space for something else anyway.  As I recall it was only late June when it went to seed.

While I was pulling some weeds around these plants coming up I smelled the wonderful scent of cilantro and upon looking thought, wow, these do look like cilantro!  I pulled a leaf and sure enough it was!  That's when my brain remember what I just wrote in the previous paragraph.  I'm thrilled, I love cilantro!  Maybe I'll have enough to dry this year before it bolts.

So the lesson, apparently cilantro re-seeds really well even when someone digs around in the dirt.  Who knows maybe that helped?  And a few of the lettuce seeds are sprouting too, though they are smaller than the cilantro yet.

I had just bought a small 3 pack for $1.19 at Sheltons last week thinking I'll try one more year to see if I can get much before it bolts.  If  I can be lucky enough to get it to re-seed every year like this it's definitely worth growing.

By the way, if you are local Sheltons had cinnamon basil, lavender, parsley and cilantro (labeled coriander) in the little 3 pack pots for 1.19 each.  For that price I'll by them.  Most places sell herbs in larger pots, one plant for 2.99 or more.  This is much more reasonable if you can find them.  I just picked up the cilantro (thinking I needed it) and I couldn't resist the cinnamon basil for that price even though I have probably 20 little basil seedlings growing. 

They had regular basil in large pots for $2.99 and I smelled to my hearts content but just can't bring myself to pay that price when it's so easy to start yourself!

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