Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer topper

Okay, I know it's not really summer yet but I couldn't help it!  It's supposed to hit 86 today and it's sure starting to feel and look a lot like summer so why not change my blog topper?

If you've been following my blog this year you may have noticed I've been changing the topper and color theme seasonally.  What do you think?  Haven't got much feedback on this.

I love pictures and am a scrapbooker.  I like that I can give the blog a personal and changing feel without too much technical effort on my part.  My goal was to keep it enough of the same look (the poem, same font, roughly same layout etc...) that readers won't think they've landed on a new place but see a fresh new look every now and then just the same.

In this particular topper I've used pictures from several sources.  The picture of my kids is from a trip last August to Warren Dunes Beach.  It was a wonderful day and I have great memories of it. We left the house to give Daddy a rest and day of quiet while we spent time hitting a volleyball in and out of the water and just having fun together in the sand and sun.  Logan had just come home from being away at camp all summer so it was fun having all the kids together again.  They got along really well.

The pictures of Chris and I though technically not taken in the summer were taken in Mexico on our last trip.  You can't see him very well under the waterfall but I still like the picture.  One of the things Chris and I value greatly is time having fun together, just us.  Going to Mexico twice now has been a great time of refreshment and reconnection.  I love to remember those times.

On the bottom right we have our beautiful eggs.  We love our chickens, well most of the time and these are some of our pretty eggs that Lexie arranged last summer into a lovely pattern.  It was cute so we took a picture.  I probably should blog more about the chickens.  I'll think on that.

Probably my favorite flower is the purple cornflower and that picture was also taken last summer.  I've put more in as I'd like to have lots and lots.  They don't seem to thrive here however, maybe from too much neglect.  I have them for a few years and then one summer they don't come back.  It could be the chickens scratching that cause that too.

And lastly I have the bushy purple sage plant.  It wintered over from last year and represents my growing interest in herbs.  I probably should have put a picture of basil as that is my favorite herb at the moment.

So anyway, there you go, hope you enjoy the summer look!  Let me know what you think.

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