Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cooking at Camp

This week I got to go to Bair Lake Bible camp and cook for the staff while they train to get ready for campers!  The best part is I get to go back again next week again for a few days!  What a great bunch of young people they have up there.

Of course my son Logan happens to be included in that bunch, but he has some great friends.  This year is his second year so he knew all of the returning staff which was a lot of fun for him.  He really enjoys being at camp and kind of comes alive there.  Who wouldn't, it's work, but oh so fun and rewarding.  I got to talk with several of the names Logan would refer to after last year and put some faces with them. 

Cooking for the staff is so easy and rewarding.  There's only about 57 so it's not HUGE cooking which can be a bit more challenging.  I think last time I was there we cooked for about 150, which is a little more work.  Still great but a little more physically taxing.  At every meal you have at least 5-6 people saying thanks so much and how much they appreciate you cooking for them.  Don't always get that at home!  Okay, well sometimes you do get a thanks but suffice it to say if you're feeling under appreciated, sign up to cook at camp!

My funnest surprise about cooking this year is that they have an herb garden right outside the kitchen door.  Last time I was there cooking it was winter so no fresh herbs but this time I was so pleased.  You know me, I love fresh herbs!   I went to put some dill in the egg salad I was making and there was no dill in their spice collection so I asked.  They showed me the little herb garden and I was able to put fresh dill and chives into the egg salad.  I don't know if it's because it was extra good with the fresh herbs or because the staff was just hungry but they ate every last bit of the egg salad!

Staff putting in the boat launch/docks, they were freezing,Logan's on the far left.
One of the things I love about volunteering at camp is that you can usually include the family.  I grew up volunteering at Center Lake Bible Camp with my family.  We would usually come for retreats in the winter and my Mom with cook while us kids ran the dishwasher, wiped off tables or whatever.  I have fond memories of both working and having free fun at camp when we weren't working.  Oh, and also memories of getting sick on the spiced apples there.  Love those things and well, they have large Gordon food cans of them so I guess I ate way too many!

My Mom and Dad continue to volunteer at Center Lake and in fact recently came home really tired from working.  I think they were building cabins, my Dad was repairing some golf carts, cleaning and probably a lot more.

We haven't yet been able to go and work as a whole family.  Once Chris is fully back to health we hope to but right now it's still all he can take to work his regular job, though he is doing well there.  The girls go with me when I cook and they run the dishwasher, make the kool-aid, put the dishes out, wipe off tables and prep the salad bar for me.  I'm glad they are getting to share in this legacy of serving.

So if you're looking for a great experience, volunteer at a camp near you.  And if you're in near Jones, MI I'm sure Bair Lake would love to have you, give them a call!

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