Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Total Language Plus for next year

It doesn't seem like we should be thinking about school for next year yet but plans must be made.  You know the saying, "..plan to fail or fail to plan."  I'm a pretty big planner and list maker.  Sometimes I don't refer to my lists after making them, but just the act of making them in the first place is helpful.

My thoughts today were on the plans we've made for Language Arts for next year.  We've decided to do three Total Language Plus guides for each of the girls.  Most years we have done four, but with the amount of writing and researching of literature they do for speech and debate season in the fall I'm quite okay with counting three with speech and debate as a full year of English credit! That's one of the things I love about Total Language Plus, the flexibility!

Ariel is doing, The Giver, To Kill a Mockingbird and Jane Eyre.  The Giver is one that I want each of my children to do but actually Ariel is quite interested even if I didn't want to require it.  To Kill a Mockingbird is one that for some reason she really wants to do.  I would have chosen for her Around the World in 80 days because it has a logic study with it and she's doing some of that this year as an elective anyway, but I let her chose on this one.  I'm sure we'll enjoy To Kill a Mockingbird as well.  The one she's probably most excited about this year is Jane Eyre.  A few years back she got to portray a school girl in the Jane Eyre musical performed by Bethel College.  She's been waiting to do Jane Eyre as a study ever since!

Caddie Woodlawn
Lexie gets to do Caddie Woodlawn.  We've listened to this one on tape but have never quite been able to fit the TLP guide in so this will be the year.  Lex likes Caddie, so I think she'll enjoy the study.  For her other two books of the year Lexie chose, Johnny Tremain and Swiss Family Robinson.  These choices surprised me because both of her brothers did these.  She remembers hearing them as read alouds back then, but I guess either she heard them enjoying these or liked the stories so much that she wants to do them too!  They were both great studies so I don't mind doing them again.  Another thing I love about TLP, they're stories you want to hear again and again!

We are doing 2 of the three for each of the girls at our co-op where I'll teach the classes.  I'm glad this year they are doing one on there own at home.  Last year we did them all at the co-op and though it was fun that way, there were some things we missed about the independence of going it alone.  I think this year it will be a good mix.

What about Taylor?  Well since he's doing early college and already Clepped out of both Composition and Analyzing Literature I'm finding it hard to "require" anymore Language Arts for him, but he is interested in The Lord of the Flies which just came out this year and may do that more for "fun" than requirement.  We'll see...

So what TLP guides are you doing next year?

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