Saturday, July 14, 2012

Making Sauerkraut

Who knew making Sauerkraut could be so easy?  Last year while watching the canning DVD from Homestead Blessings  I learned an easy way to make your own Sauerkraut.  Though they placed in on their canning DVD, it requires no processing and is so easy.

Since the cabbage in the garden was ready about two weeks ago, I decided it was time to replenish our supply of Sauerkraut.  Taylor loves it and will put it on sandwiches, burgers, eat it with sausage, corned beef etc...

To make it all you do is shred the cabbage which is really easy with our Kitchen Aid mixer attachment.  Once it's shredded you place it in a bowl and salt.  I'd say I started with maybe 2 tsp. of salt and added a couple shakes more once or twice.  Let it sit for 15-20 minutes or so with the salt, you'll see water starting to form.  I kind of "knead" the cabbage to get more water.  Do this a few times till you have lots of water when you squeeze it.

See the color difference?  Jar is a batch done last year.
Now all you do is put it in jars making sure you have enough of the cabbage water in each to cover the cabbage.  Put a lid on it, I use the plastic screw on type, and put it in a dark place to ferment for a few weeks.  The color will change from the green of the cabbage to an almost white.  It's a little browner white or dirty white compared to store bought kraut but it tastes great.

Oh, and one more tip: don't fill it right to the top, leave 1/2 inch or so for the fermenting action.  I do also place them with a kitchen towel under them till the fermentation is complete just in case any juices out.  If it does, it's not big deal.

I replanted seed in the garden so if I can get the seed to come up we'll have more cabbage in the fall to make more Sauerkraut!

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