Friday, July 6, 2012

Studying Egypt this fall

Product imageI have always been one to try whenever possible to let my children study things they are interested in.  My daughter Ariel isn't particularly interested in History at all if you ask her, though I believe she likes it more than she will admit!  However, upon announcing we were going back in time and starting over this fall with creation forward she did say she'd like to study Egypt and especially their Gods.

Thinking about studying Egypt and especially focusing on their religion can sound a bit, well, scary, or challenging to say the least.  I'm not too daunted however, especially after finding some great resources.

The one I just picked up at the CHEO convention the end of June is, Navigating the Worldviews of Egypt by Botkin and Norr.  It's part of the "Navigating History Project".  The subtitle at the top claims, "A Journey Though the Mysteries of Islam, the Early Church, and the World's Oldest Civilization."  We were most interested in the book but they had such a good deal at the convention on the book and the DVD's that we got both.  My oldest daughter tends to think that DVD's take too much time and she much prefers books so we weren't entirely sold on the DVD set but for the price I couldn't pass it up.

I'm not sure that we'll cover all the chapters as our focus is primarily Egypt though we'll be doing all Ancient civilizations to a lesser degree so most of it will fit.  We may skip or skim a lot of the Islam part as we're not as focused on Worldview so much.  What I like though is it talks about the Theology of Egypt, the Magic of Egypt and so on while comparing and bringing out how and why it goes against God and his plan.  It's definitely deep and I would say high school or advanced Jr. high level for sure.  I haven't popped the DVD's in yet so can't say much on those at this point.

TruthQuest History: Ancient Egypt & Ancient Greece   -     
        By: Michelle Miller
The other resource I picked up a couple months back is the Truthquest guide for Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.   It seems they have reconfigured their guides and the newer ones put Egypt with Biblical history and Greece with Rome I think.So you may not find Egypt and Greece together if you're looking at new ones.  Christian Book did have it in the format I got just a few months ago, so you could check. 

At any rate we've used Truthquest for other Era's before and I love the commentary as well as the Big and Think/Write Questions students answer.  Truthquest also has great book lists and I know it's sometimes more difficult to find good ones for the older time periods. 

So these resources combined with the Mystery of History should give us a great year going back to the beginning but at a new level and from a different angle than we did before.  I plan to use Mystery of History loosely as a "spine" and add in a lot of books from the Truthquest list as well as pause and go much deeper into Egypt with the resources I've listed.  We may also camp out a bit on the prophets as I don't think enough time is given there.  I know we won't spend too much time on things we've probably almost "overdone" like creation.  We will however plan a trip to the Creation Museum, can't let this time period go by without going back there again!  Highly recommend it!

The last time we went through this period we were part of a co-op which was great but not so flexible.  I'm looking forward to doing it differently this time and being able to take the time to skip or camp out as we want to.

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