Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting LIFE ready for school

We do a lot of talk about planning for school, and hopefully even spend some time actually doing so.  However, how much time do we put into getting our life ready?  It seems to come so quick, it's hard to even get the supplies ready, copies made and books in order let alone worry about life.

If we take a little time however to get "life" ready it will make school go a whole lot better, I promise!  What in the world do I mean by life?  Well, really, all those other things besides school.  For everyone it may be a little different, but for most of us it for sure includes household chores, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and maybe even some personal things like exercising, and Bible study time.

When I start feeling stressed about how in the world I'm going to fit everything in that's where I go back to my priorities and what is important for our family that year.  I started by listing all the school stuff we need to get in for each child as well as our homeschool co-op day.  You might also want to list any music lessons, team practices etc....  From there I broke up each subject into the days we'll do them.

Once you've done that you can figure out how it will fit into your life.  When looking at my priorities this year and things that are important to us exercising is something that I don't want to give up.  Each year that is not always the case, but for this year that is a priority so we are working school around that.  This means that unlike other years we'll be starting our "together" school time later but that's okay.  Part time jobs, home business, small groups etc... all need to be budgeted into your schedule.

Our working schedule for 2012/2013
Here's a copy of what we've come up with so far this year.  Here's a blank copy in publisher if you'd like to use it for your own.  I've still got some things to schedule in like Ariel's keyboard lessons and still a few activities we're deciding on but hopefully it gives you an idea of what a schedule looks like.  I post this on the bulletin board to keep us on track.  You'll notice it also has my "stuff" I need to get done on it.  I really find when I have very limited amounts of time this keeps all my "plates spinning" so to speak.

You've heard the saying you can fail to plan or plan to fail.  It holds pretty true.  Just the act of taking the time to think these things through and fit them in on paper will make your more productive.  Even if you don't always stick to it or need adjustments it will still help.

Now the biggest reminder I was thinking of today for myself but also to pass along to you is to make your life easier by getting your home ready.  The biggest two things that help us are having meals ready to go and some semblance of order.  In other words start with the house picked up and menu's planned and in the freezer for the most part. 

I will admit over the summer and even the last year really I have not been as good about getting our food in the freezer, but at least for the first month or so of school I'd like to get back to it.  It is just one last thing to have dinner ready and available in the freezer!  If you've never done this I encourage you to check out the freezer cooking blogs I've done in the past.  It is so freeing!

We start on Tuesday so there's only a week life to get our "house in order" but it's do-able.  Just looked at the ad's and Shelton's has boneless, skinless chicken breast on sale so it looks like I'll be doing a chicken cooking for my freezer! 

Next blog, what's on our menu for back to school...

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