Friday, September 14, 2012

What we're doing this year

This annual post is late this year but for those of you that are interested and perhaps want to follow so you can glean here's what's on our homeschool menu this year:

History: Back to Ancients, using a mix of "skimming" Mystery of History, Truthquest (mostly for resources), Navigating History: Egypt, Drive Through History Holy Land #1 and #2.  We've been through this time before so this time we're camping out on Egypt and Greece which interests especially my older daughter Ariel and believe me if she even expresses a slight interest in ANY history we need to capitalize on it!  It should be a fun year with history, I'm looking forward to it!

Science:  We are not beginning science this year until the 2nd trimester of our co-op as we've opted to do Forensic Science for Ariel (high school) as part of the co-op.  It's set up on 20 weeks and since each trimester is 9, it just worked better to do it over 2 (the 2nd and 3rd.)  I am teaching it so there's sure to be more on this in the blog.  We're using Forensic Science by Simple Schooling as a base and I'm sure I'll add the labs from Under the Tape which is a free online one I used with my son a few years back. 

Lexie will be doing Christian Kids study Biology, which we've done before but she was really young.  This time she'll be doing it mostly on her own instead of in a multi-age setting with her siblings.  It should set her up well to tackle high school biology with her sister next year.

Language Arts:  Ariel will be doing The Giver, To Kill a Mockingbird and Jane Eyre all though Total Language Plus.  We're doing the last two as part of the co-op, The Giver she's doing on her own this fall.

Lexie is doing Caddie Woodlawn this fall at home and Johnny Tremain and Swiss Family Robinson later in the year at the co-op.  They are also with Total Language Plus.  Typically I have the kids do 4 guides per year but I'm giving them Language Arts credit for speech and debate in the fall so they only do three this year.

Math:  Both girls are doing Algebra I together this year.  I'm using Math Tutor DVD's again this year.  We are not as pleased however, the quality of this DVD is horrible compared to what we did last year with the pre-algebra.  I bought it all at the same time to save shipping so it's been over a year or I would be emailing and complaining (I still might.) 

For "Electives" this year we're doing Art Journals, Speech and Debate and Government/Elections.

My entry from today, girls aren't ready to share yet
Art Journals:  This may actually turn out to be one of my favorites!  We're using two different art journal books.  Though they are different I'm not sure which I like better.  They are really more of a guide and idea generator.  One is The Students Guide to Keeping an Art Journal and the other is Nature Drawing and Journaling. We just started this one today and though I'm terrible at Art I enjoyed doing it with the girls.

Speech and Debate:  We are again doing Speech and Debate with NCFCA.  I can't say enough about how awesome this is and how it prepares students in such practical ways for so much!  It goes way beyond "book" learning.  We're doing this also as part of our co-op (I'm coaching) and we're also really looking forward to getting started with this next week.

Government:  At home we're reading Uncle Eric Are you Liberal? Conservative? or Confused?  We'll be doing an Election centered co-op class as well where we have mock elections, learn about the political process etc...  These things coupled with a week last summer at Student Statesman Institute nicely fulfills their Government credit for high school.

So there you go, don't think I left anything out?!?!  When I get it all down like this, it looks pretty good!  We talked about adding Physical Education this year and still might but I'm not sure yet.  We're got 3 more years for Ariel to get it in so no rush.

Hopefully you found some things in common with you schedule or of interest to you for future years.  Stay tuned (follow or friend) and over the year I'm sure you'll read more about all of these areas and more!

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