Monday, October 15, 2012

Lessons from History class

Product imageWhy should we be so amazed when God gives you support just when you need it?  Well believe it or not it sometimes for me comes through our school work.  

Today was History and we watched the DVD from Navigating the Wordviews of Egypt which is put out by Vision Forum.   I’ve mentioned this source several times already this year on the blog and it quite honestly is becoming one of my favorite sources!  Aft we watched the video we read a portion of the book that is the companion to it.

The topic for today was ," do not go down to Egypt for help."
Here’s a part of what we read:

“Freedom under God brings many burdens; primarily, the burden on men to govern themselves.  It also requires man to take part in the work of dominion, and the risks that come with it-without subsidies, welfare, or government safety nets.  Additionally, it means that man is accountable to God before all other authorities, and must weight all the commands of earthly authorities against the commands of God, sometimes having to resist unlawful authority (Acts 5:29).”

Wow, I read this to the girls at least 3 times and a few more to myself.  How succinctly they put that concept!  And oh how parts of this concept have been met with opposition in my life over the last year or so.  I suspect the parts of the concept described here have caused much opposition with even fellow believers.  

And while we’re on the subject let me quote a bet further again from Navigating the Worldviews of Egypt on the alternative to choosing freedom under God:

“Slavery is the escape of men who find these responsibilities too daunting.  God requires men to serve Him through self-government, work, risk, and responsibility; some men would rather serve a god who requires less of them.  They might turn to a government, a pope, or any other alternative master, to do their work, do their thinking, take their risks, and govern them from the outside when they won’t govern themselves from the inside.”

Wow, again, read that one over many times.  So much truth and so well put.  Unfortunately there are numerous examples of this principle that I see around me every day.  

So if you thought you were homeschooling for your kids you were right but if you haven’t already realized it God uses homeschooling to speak to us moms too!

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