Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas too soon?

Can the Christmas season really be here?  Yes, it appears so.  Now it is finally truly here, for you see I am a purest.  I am one who refuses to rush the season and cave to all the marketing gurus who want you to roll into Christmas as early as October.

My son asked me in the car this morning, as I was lamenting over a Christmas song that came on before Thanksgiving, why it bothers me.  Here was my answer to him.

1.       This particular instance bothered me more because it was a Christian Radio station.  I expected “the world” to fall for the trap of spreading the materialism out as long as they can but I really expected more from the “Christian” World.  Now I’m sure they feel like since the song was a Christian Christmas song that it spreads out Christ’s birth and not the materialistic view. However, it still places people in the position of “getting in the mood” too soon which does lead to stressing overbuying, too much buying, feeling like they should get started on holiday preparations before a very special holiday that deserves attention has even happened.

2.       Thanksgiving has a deserved place, one that more and more is disappearing, not just in November but year round.  Many in our country would like everyone to forget who the pilgrims were giving thanks to, and even who our president declared thanks should be given to back when Thanksgiving was declared a National Holiday.  In case I need to spell it out, it’s about God.  It is one of the few remaining acts of our government that help God in honor that still stands.  We should be guarding and celebrating this holiday.  Sure Christmas is important but remember and Thanking God deserves its’ day too!

3.       Christmas is special.  Just like birthdays or other special occasions the reason Christmas is special is that it does only come once a year for a short time.  If we start celebrating Christmas for 2-3 months it takes some of that “specialness” away.  By the time Christmas actually arrives we are glad it’s over.
So not to step on any toes, I’ll let the Holy Spirit do that but keep Christmas to Christmas and keep the specialness.  Allow the stories and festivities of Thanksgiving to be the center of November and keep God in our country!

You can disagree but remember to Thank God that you have the right to since we still have the freedom to do so for at least a little while longer.

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