Friday, November 9, 2012

Vacation as a priority

Wow, it has been awhile but I really have a good excuse, no, really!  I was on vacation in Mexico for 10 days with my best friend, most of you refer to him as my husband.  This is the 3rd time in six years we've been able to do this and I highly recommend it!  It's not just a great vacation but it's healthy for our marriage.
On Isle Mujeres Mexico 2012

Our lives here at home, like yours I'm guessing, tend to get pretty full.  They are all good things and priorities are in order but there is still not a lot of connect time.

Some of the fish we swam with every day!
The other problem for me is I'm always thinking.  Let me step out on a limb here and make a broad generalization but I think this is a problem for most women.  It is how we are wired.  I can be writing a blog, answering questions a child is asking and talking on the phone at the same time.  Generally, we are able to accomplish many things at one time and are always "on".  Because of this I'm always thinking..."what do I need to do", "what are we forgetting", "what's on the schedule for tomorrow", "what are we having for dinner", "who has to go somewhere today", "what calls do I need to return" etc...  You get the idea.

Now I know, tools help with this.  Having a planner, making lists etc... but still the thinking goes on.

We try to do dates sometimes to make time for one another but they often still become more of "planning dates".  By that I mean, which problem needs attention be it relational or physical.  What we need to accomplish in the ministries we do together.  What prayer requests or concerns we've heard of from friends we need to tell one another and haven't had time yet etc...  It often is not a "go out and enjoy each other, have fun together" kind of date.

Chris at the turtle farm
When we get away for vacation we get to "do" things together.  Experience new fun activities and locations and yes, feel more like we are having a "get to know you, have fun with you date."

On the "boardwalk" at Isla Mujeres
If you can relate to any of this I can't say how much I highly encourage doing whatever is necessary to make it happen!  I know it takes money, sitters etc... but it is SO worth it.  We put it off for years, something always came up (car repair, new well etc...) but once we pulled off the first one we committed to making it happen again.

On this last trip we just got home from we went to Akumal Beach and Isla Mujeres both in Mexico.  For the first five days we snorkeled with the Turtles and fish every day, it was fabulous.  The second 5 days we did a lot of resting but also toured the Island in a golf cart which was a highlight for Chris.  He was laughing and singing and making the Mexican people watching laugh.  It was so good to see him so carefree and happy.  It was good to see my best friend I fell in love with again.  At home is Michigan he gets buried under illness,stress, you name it sometimes.

So we are back, healthier and happier to tackle life again.  I'm just wondering when it's too soon to start planning the next trip!

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