Monday, December 17, 2012

Great Tie-ons for gifts

Are you wrapping this week?  I know I am and these cute little ornaments left over from a party I had will make great gift tie-ons.

You've probably made these before and if not this could be the first time.  They are so easy and your house will smell WONDERFUL!  All you need is equal parts of ground cinnamon and applesauce, that's it!

I mixed 2 cups of applesuace and 2 cups of ground cinnamon and had way more than I needed.  I made at least 30 of these little Christmas trees.  All you do is roll out your "dough" after mixing it up and cut out shapes with a cookie cutter.  Don't forget to poke a straw hole at the top so you'll be able to hang them.

After that you just need to dry them.  I put my oven at 200 and placed the ornaments on a cookies sheet lined with parchment paper.  After about 1/2 an hour I flipped them over and about another 1/2 hr and they were done!

Just tie ribbons and hang them from cupboard doors, or how about dangle them from cups of cocoa for a festive touch to your next party.  I used large cinnamon sticks to hang them from but you could also just use coffee stirrers.  If you still have some left tie them on packages.

What fun little additions to your holiday that are so quick and easy to create!

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