Friday, January 18, 2013

Blessing your husband

Focus for this week is blessing your husband.  

We live in a world that for the most part can be a very negative place.  All the media tells you you’re not good enough.  This time of year especially you see all the ads for the diet programs, plastic surgery and health clubs.  Not that being healthy is a bad thing but the messages and the models they show can be unrealistic and discouraging.

The news is most discouraging.  If it’s not news of a crisis or war it’s a story having something to do with the moral decline of America.

At work more than likely your husband faces periodic reviews and is handed deadlines and a plate full of stress.  Rarely do you find a workplace that thrives on encouragement and exhortation.

Sometimes at home if we’re honest our husband gets a plate full of similar content.  Kids aren’t measuring up to the standards that have been set.  Home isn’t always the well-organized area that gives peace and serenity.  And of course there’s the stress to content with there too; the car that breaks down, washing machine that quits and incessant bills in the mail.

So where is the bright spot in our husbands’ day?  I would like to focus on it coming from me rather than someone else.  There are plenty of women out there in the world that would love to give some positive attention and wouldn’t care at all if he’s married or not.

We need to be proactive in protecting and nurturing our marriage and one way I’d like to suggest is periodic gifts and notes.  Everyone like fun little surprises in their day and your husband is no different.

How often and what you do is up to you.  Maybe you want to aim for once a week?  Maybe every day for a week after a really tough season is his life.  Or maybe once a month is all you can come up with right now and that’s okay too.

What can you do?  Well, be as creative as you like but here are a few ideas to get you started.  It need not be expensive just meaningful and/or fun.

How about…

A roll of lifesavers with a sticky not attached saying “Thanks for being MY lifesaver so many times…” you might want to put this in his sock drawer.

A small package of nuts in a wrapped package with a sticky that says open this afternoon after your lunch could be a fun idea.  Inside leave a sticky note on the package that says, “I’m STILL nuts for you.”

Maybe you can make a homemade card that says, “10 things I love about you” and list 10 things you do love about him.  Some can be funny and some serious.  Maybe it’s his smile or eyes or maybe the way he doesn’t mind wearing wrinkled clothes or matching his own socks.

How about a “coupon” for breakfast in bed?  You might want to email this to him at work.
Or along those lines you could write, “dinner together in our bedroom tonight.”

4+ hours of ironing...
It might even be something at home that often helps him but you tend to put at the bottom of your list.  Maybe dinner on the table when he comes home every night that week, lunches packed for him or even homemade dinners versus the usual take out or boxed.  For me I know what blesses my husband, ironed shirts.   It's one of those things I do last on my list but he loves a full closet to chose from!

You get the idea…

Be creative in where you want to leave these.  If it’s not to far you might even occasionally drive to his work and sit something on the front seat of his car or place it on his desk or workplace when you know he won’t be there.

Try it!  I think you’ll find it not only blesses your husband but your marriage and in turn you.

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