Thursday, January 17, 2013

Homeschool sick day

One thing I love about homeschooling is the flexibility!  While we don’t take snow days we do take sick days.  Because we do so many things together it just sometimes doesn’t make sense to plow through when one or two of us is sick.  

I know we’ll have more productive days when we can double up or combine what we were supposed to do today with another days work so it’s not a big deal.  

Ariel was sick today and since our main subject today is Math which Ariel and Lexie do together we decided  to flip things around and get some shopping and house stuff done instead.  Ariel doesn’t do so well on math when she is well let alone when she’s sick so this was really the best idea.  Besides the fact that I was having one of the worst days I’ve had with my back pain and had a massage scheduled in the mix too.

I have to tell you it felt like “found time”.  You know when you have a tight day planned with little time to spare and suddenly a 2-3 hour window is opened up and everything becomes easier to get done.

Just one of the little blessings of homeschooling!

What about homeschooling has been a blessing to you lately?

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