Friday, February 1, 2013

Focus on Productivity

Today’s area is the Productivity focus.  If you’ve been following along each Friday I chose one of my four Focus areas for the year to blog about.  So far this month I’ve blogged about what exactly the Disciple Focus is, Blessing your Husband the next week on Marriage Focus and just last week for the Healthy Food Focus I shared my “healthy “ doughnut recipe.  That brings me to the 4th category I choose for the year, productivity.  

This is probably, no not probably, rather will be my most difficult area to accomplish.    Or at least I should say “feel” I’ve accomplished something.  Part of my problem lies in expectations.

Expectations can get the best of us and leave us feeling like we’ve not done enough.  I have always had high expectations for myself and expect excellence.  My tendency is also to expect things done immediately and right the first time.  Unfortunately when it comes to many of the things I want to “produce” they don’t always have the immediate results I desire.

Old TypewriterSo there it is.  #1:  Recognizing you may have to adjust your expectations and give yourself permission to do what you can.  In the Bible study I’m just finishing by Elizabeth George (Life Management for Busy Women) she teaches to opt for the principle of “something is better than nothing.”  I like that.  It’s a great reminder that though we may not be able to accomplish everything we want right away we can take some small steps or do “something” rather than “nothing.”

With that in mind I have done something.  I have successfully produced 4 weeks in a row the Friday Focus for the Blog (plus a few more on various subjects this month.)  Though I may not have gotten to several other writing projects I had hoped to.  I have got my column into homeschool Mosaics on time even in a week where a close friend of the family died and I was having a difficult time focusing.  So those may be “something” compared to the big things I hoped to get into but “something is better than nothing.”

So what do you want to be productive about?  Maybe you want to organize a room, write a book, or work on sewing, craft or scrapbooking projects?  Whatever it is look for ways to do “something” which is better than “nothing”! 

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