Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pursuing the Garden catalogs?

It's that time of year again, as I sit watching snow and some sort of freezing pellets coming down I dream of next summers garden!  You've probably been receiving all the catalogs in the mail too.  Last years garden with the heat, drought, bug infestation and soil fungus all in one year was disappointing to say the least.  Thing is with gardening; there is always next year!

As I looked in my garden notebook, (I am a homeschooler after all, don't we have notebook's for everything!) I was reminded that before my daughters birthday (March 20th) last year we had five 80 degree days.  Talk about a strange spring for Michigan.  Here it is February 26th and to think in less than a month from now we could have a few 80 degree days.  That would be unusual but boy does it sound good.

So with that in mind it is apparent that it's time to start planning, seed starting and ordering what I need.  That brings me to my two favorite sources for seeds.
Rhubarb Chard from last summer

Seed Savers:  I've been ordering from this company for at least 5 years now.  I love that they have heirloom and open pollination seeds (seeds you can save and will grow true) along with their mission to keep these kind of seeds available.  Probably my two favorite that I get from them and grow beautifully for me every time are Roma Cherry Tomatoes (they are so flavorful and prolific!) and Double yield cucumber (for everyone you pick, two grow, how cool is that!) 

Annie's Heirloom Seeds:  This one I ordered from for the first time last year.  They have some things I haven't been able to find elsewhere.  I got Red Rhubarb Swiss Chard which grew fabulously, Claytonia (greens) which I just started at the end of last summer (it was too hot when I first got it) and Celeriac which I could not get to grow but I really want to and am going to try again this year.  I've been pursuing their catalog again and have a few others I'll be trying this year.  They've added several medicinal herbs which I love.

Both companies will send a catalog if you request one. 

So what are you growing this year?  Now is the time to plan so you'll be ready whenever we do start getting those 80 degree days be it March or May.  It's Michigan, so you never know....

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  1. I just planted some seeds indoors today. It had been on my list of things to do for the last week. I read a book this winter -The Four Season Harvest by Elliot Coleman - I am so excited about harvesting through the winter from my plants started in the fall. We just got 11" of snow on Sunday, so my ground should be nice and moist when I get some cold season stuff growing in a few weeks. Can't wait!