Monday, February 25, 2013

Working on High School Transcripts

Today I was working on the transcripts.  For us it's an on going, update once or twice a year kind of project.  I'm a proponent of the "keep it simple" method.  There are many expensive, time consuming and fancy method and programs to do it but we keep it simple.

With my oldest I started with a folder where I kept what I called "information for transcript."  In it I had a copy of what our state suggestions are, a grid with each year and a blank box to "fill in" the classes, a books read grid to fill in and an activities to remember page.  Basically I now do pretty much the same but I don't keep a physical folder: I just have it all on my computer.

I did go ahead and ditch the "books read" sheet as we haven't had anyone ask for that.  It was a suggestion I had read on the HSLDA site but none of our children are trying to get into highly competitive colleges and no one has asked so I quit tracking that for my younger ones.

Today I updated Taylor's and started Ariel's.  Taylor is a senior but has been doing early college for two years now and Ariel is a freshmen so hers is just getting started.

This is the form I modified and use
If you live in MI here is where the Michigan Merit education suggestions for high school credits are given.  Just keep in mind as homeschoolers we are not bound in any way to follow those so be sure to consider them but let God guide and direct your requirements.  If you live in another state I encourage you to check out what your state recommends and then make your decisions accordingly.  HSLDA is useful in finding that information.

I create two forms now for each child that I update periodicity.  One I call simply "requirements" and the other is what will become their actual "transcript".   The requirements I simply have columns at the top for subject, grade, state suggestion and "our plan".  The transcript one simply has a block for each grade and then lists the courses taken, grades and credit given.  When they are filled in the grade point average is calculated and finally at the bottom I note awards and activities as we go.

 HSLDA also has some transcript templates you can easily follow as well.

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