Friday, March 1, 2013

Bribery starting to work!

It's no secret to any of my daughters friends or even anyone who knows our family very well that Ariel's most hated subject and my source of struggle to find something to work for her is with Math.  And no, this is not a post about some miracle cure for the Math blues or even about some magical curriculum that does wonders, it's about bribery.
Lex eating her reward (Ariel's become camera phobic)

Really, I was at my whits end with Ariel and math.  I am now totally teaching the subject and doing problems with the girls on a white board then they do a sheet.  We do math one day a week (like we do most of our subjects) and those days are LONG days.  What should take us 2-3 hours tops is taking 5-6.  Several Thursday (our math day) Chris would be coming home for dinner and we'd still be doing math.  This is obviously VERY time consuming, frustrating and not the ideal situation.

So what is any good mom to do?  Well, I decided to offer a bribe.  You just get to that point.  God offers us blessings over and over again in the Bible for doing good and right so why not blessings for math?

The deal was if they both (I included her younger sister since we do math together though she usually isn't the issue but the attitudes do rub off...) get  their math done with 90% or better for the whole month of February we wouldn't have to do math on the last day Thursday of the month and I'd buy them pizza.

Now I wasn't really sure how well this was working until today, the last day of the month.  Sure, over the month it did seem to be helping a little and the last two weeks we were getting done closer to noon so I was seeing some improvement but I still wasn't sure.  When I went in to wake the girls up Ariel was already awake and at her computer desk.  I said, "good morning" and she looked all happy with a big grin.  "Why?", I inquired, "It's the last week of the month", she grinned back.  No, she had not forgotten and was actually excited (even if she won't admit it!) 

On to the second bedroom to wake Lexie.  First words out of her mouth were, "it's the last week of the month."  Her next question was when do we leave (for the pizza.)  So obviously it seems they are motivated by it at least on the reward day!

I know we don't always want to give rewards.  Sometimes we have to just do things and we'll hopefully get to that point but until then I'll take what I can get and enjoy seeing them at least happy about what Math did for them today!

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