Friday, March 15, 2013

Detailed look at Johnny Tremain with Total Language Plus

Over the next 9 weeks I’ll be doing Johnny Tremain with my daughter as well as incorporating it into our local co-op class and sharing that process with others over on the Total Language Plus facebook page.  Anyone who’s ever  wondered how in the world  Total Language Plus works or what you do with it is welcome to join in the conversation either here  in comments or over at the TLP Facebook page as well.  

We’ll start the actual “doing” it together next week but I thought I should preface that with a quick, “how do you plan” a study with TLP blog.  First of all, keep in mind there is no right or wrong way.  We homeschoolers pride ourselves on doing it our own way so feel free to make it work for you and your family.

Actually several years ago I had blogged on how I planned out my daughters Cricket in Times Square study which we did at home without the co-op involvement so you might want to check out that entry as well.  

Now, the next thing I have to say is that with Total Language Plus really the bulk of the planning is done for you.  Each of the study guides have this grid in the first few pages that lay out the work for you into units.  Each unit is further broken down into bite sized A-E sections.  

Generally over the years we do one lettered section a day doing 15 minutes (or a chapter or two depending on how many are due for the week) of reading, as well as each section (spelling, vocabulary, and grammar/dictation.)  Some years we then AFTER doing the A-E section would take time to do as many of the projects or pen and paper (writing assignments) as we’d like.  We always do the personal thinking questions as we read.  Usually I’d allow 2-3 days for the writing and projects, then whatever day of the week it is we just start on letter A of the next unit.  Pretty easy!

Typically each Total Language Plus guide is 6-8 units (there are a few with only 5 or with 9 but most fall in the 6-8) so I’d add on 2-3 weeks over that number.  So for instance Johnny is 7 so 9-10 weeks is about right.

Here is the syllabus I created for use at our co-op where we’ll be doing Johnny Tremain.  Because I’m doing it in a co-op I’ve had to pick out the projects and pen and paper assignments ahead.  Sometimes we do this at home too and sometimes we modify or chose as we get to each week.  Either way has worked for us.

So join in and study along or you can always lurk and listen to gain insight if you’re not ready to actually “do” it yet!  Next week I’ll post over at Total Language Plus Facebook page the highlights of our first week.  Will you share yours?

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