Monday, March 4, 2013

Forensic Science

Ariel and her friend Kelsey lifting fingerprints
This year we decided to do Forensic Science.  My older daughter was interested in it and I had done it before with my oldest son so we decided to go ahead and offer it as a class in our co-op.  We're having a great time and I think all the students are enjoying it.

We chose to follow Forensic science by Simple Schooling which we got from currclick.  It is a basic text but was inexpensive and user friendly.  All the students do the reading at home and then we discuss in class.  When my oldest son did this we used a free on line curriculum called, Step Under The Tape.  I'm using this for added information, labs and to supplement what we're doing with the Forensic science curriculum by Simple Schooling.

So far we've learned the procedure for collecting evidence and securing a crime scene, secured a mock crime scene, studied and looked at bullets and casings, did persuasive papers on gun control, lifted fingerprints, extracted DNA from strawberries (tomato's and kiwis too), played Forensic Science Jeopardy, made candy DNA models (which we ate) and discussed our Case study.

It's a nice change from the usual routine science subjects that I think both parents and students feel "stuck" doing sometimes.

If you're interested in doing what we did you can check out the syllabi  (they are in the 2nd/3rd trimester columns) I created to go along with the classes.  That with the two curricula linked above and you'd be set for a great year of Science with Forensics.

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