Monday, March 25, 2013

Have you heard of Celeriac?

While perusing the seed catalogs this year and deciding what to try new I realized with such a dismal year last year I need to retry several things and don’t have room for much more truly “brand new” tries.  After all with the heat starting in March and the severe drought starting in late May really till the end of July I really need to give some things a second chance.

One of those is Celeriac.  Have you ever had it?  I bought it from Meijers and started using it and we loved it.  It’s got two uses which I love.  The tops taste like celery and though not as thick and with more green leaves really can be used the same.  They are an excellent replacement for celery in any soup or casserole.  The root can be cubed and used like you would other root vegetables.  

Celeriac and carrots ready for the oven
Really the only way we’ve used it so far is to peel it, cube it, add a bag of baby carrots and an onion quarters and separated and drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper.  You put all this on a jelly roll pan and bake at 375-400 stirring occasionally for about an hour or till done and edges here and there are blackening.  Oh my goodness, this is so good!  

If I could grow it and get more I would try it boiled and mashed like potatoes perhaps with some butter and chives?  Part of the problem is we can’t get it enough.  Sometimes Meijers has it and sometimes Shelton’s has it too but not always.  Being the planned shopper that I am it makes it difficult.

So I thought, why not grow it?  This is exactly what I unsuccessfully tried to do last year which brings me back to what I’m going to try again this year. 

I found this incredible link which has a lot of useful information on successfully growing the stuff.   Two things it mentioned were probably deciding factors in my failure.  It hates hot and dry (did you remember the drought and heat I mentioned?)  And the second is that the seeds truly take14-21 days to germinate.  I’m generally not that patient!

So I’m trying again.  Seeds are started and though the Roma Cherry Tomato and Passion flower seeds I started the same day are breaking ground with some even ½ an inch high I will be patient and hope.

Have you ever eaten Celeriac?  Grown it?  Give it a try, it’s worth it!

p.s. I got my seeds Celeriac seeds from Annie’s HeirloomSeeds.

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