Friday, March 22, 2013

Imperfect progress on productivity

Here we are again at the productivity focus and once again not feeling as productive in the areas I had hoped to be a least.  So I find myself having to review the #1 point I shared back on the last visit to our focus area of productivity and that is ADJUSTING EXPECTATIONS.

In Lysa TerKeurst’s book Unglued that we’ve moved on to in my bible study she calls it, “imperfect progress”.  Yes, we are trying to make progress but it will not be perfect and we have to be okay with that.  That goes along with the quote from Elizabeth George (that I shared in the last productivity post), “Something is better than nothing.”  

Are you and over or under achiever?  I’m tempted to guess that many of us homeschool mom’s tend to be the over achiever driven type.  We are used to “getting it done.”  Now, that’s not to say we’ve had to adjust our expectations a great deal with motherhood and then homeschooling.  We have, but probably wouldn’t have chosen to if it were a choice.

Let me give you an example.  I recall when my  four children were young that the only way I could get the house clean is to do these 3-4 hour marathon’s usually from 8-midnight.  It was crazy but I just couldn’t get the time and I loved having it done and staying done for at least a few hours while I finished doing it and while I slept.  I could wake up in the morning (tired as can be) to a clean house.  At the time I remember lamenting and beating myself up for not being able to do this any other way.  Then I watched a video.

The video was of my kids in my house.  I had two kids at the time of the video ages 1 and 3.  In the background and on the floor, low and behold my house was clean and uncluttered.  It wasn’t even a tape from a birthday party or anything (where I’d just done a marathon cleaning!)  

The revelation:  It wasn’t me as a person.  I can keep a house clean.  It is a season.  You know, “This too shall pass.”

So what’s the point when it comes to productivity?  Watch the video.  Yes, when I was in a different season I could take a whole day and complete a project.  Yes, when I will be in a different season in the future I can probably again take even a whole weekend to be productive.  Why am I not being as productive as I hoped to be?  Is it the things running in the foreground of the video?  Are those important things that need to be in the foreground?

With that said, have we been productive with what we CAN do?  Have we been productive in the right areas?

That’s the question.  Am I using the time I do have in the areas God wants me to focus on right now.
I know where I want my productivity area to be but it hasn’t moved there yet.  I believe it’s coming soon.  God has given me signs, but his yoke is light and I’m waiting for that time for it to be light and not a burden.  It will be work, rest assured, but the road blocks won’t be overwhelming.

Until then I have been able to be somewhat, slowly productive in some other areas that though not my hearts passion quite so much, they are necessary and do touch on a “heart spot” (my home.)    Painting doors, yes I’ve been painting doors,  7 of them to be exact.  They really needed it (some hadn’t been ever painted in 20 years.)

So while it may not seem like much productivity it is something and “something is better than nothing”.   

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