Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tincture Series #1

Welcome to a new series on tinctures!  This has been a hot topic and have even found myself giving some mini tutorials at bible study lately so I thought it was time to get some of this "on paper" or more appropriately these days, "on screen" and share.  So if you are interested be sure to sign up and "follow" the blog so you don't miss any posts.  (See column at right towards bottom to "follow".)

I haven't determined how many articles long this will be but several for sure and I can't promise a certain day of the week.  Wish I could, but sorry, my life doesn't need more self imposed deadlines!  So with that said hope you'll come along for the ride, learn, share and even comment on what you've done or would like to do with herbs!

For starters, why now?  Fall is the time for harvesting and tincture making in bulk but Spring is the time to plan.  If you want to have herbs to harvest in the fall they have to be planted in the spring.  Now of course you can by herbs year round from local places or online.  Around my area we have Nelsons herbs over on  Dailey Road (Niles/Edwardsburg area) which has a nice selection if you need something in a hurry.  Or to order online I like Bulk Herb store where I get anything I don't grow here.

To get started what is a tincture?  It's simply a convenient way to take herbs you want to take for medicinal purposes.  Tinctures are usually made from vodka with herbs soaked in them for several weeks to pull out the medicinal properties.  Other alcohols as well as glycerine can be used.  To check out exactly how take a look at my blog on did on making a yarrow tincture.

I'll be sharing more  in future posts; sources of information, sources for supplies, some recipes for specific things that I've found effective as well as thoughts on growing and harvesting but for now I found this one today.

Here's one from another blog on migraine headaches.  I have not made this one yet but I think I will add it to my list.  It contains lemon balm (which I have already grown) and fever-few which is on my list this year and circled in my seed catalog to purchase.   She has nice color pictures and a good step by step on how to make the tincture as well.

So what do you think?  Do you want to learn more?  Stay tuned.... next up, congestion tincture.

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